8 Most Angular Bowling Balls – My Honest Review

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If you are looking for the most angular bowling ball, then this is the right place to look for. Angular Bowling Ball has more skid and a sharp move in the direction in the backend. To be honest, a bowling ball is not specifically designed for Angular, but some Bowling balls are far better for Angular motion compared to regular ones.

Angular bowling balls helps to minimize misfortunes in tougher lane condition.

However, Angular Bowling Ball is not ideal for beginners, because angular motion requires a bit of practice. So, if you are a beginner, then this list might not be beneficial for you.

Our Top Picks Most Angular Bowling Ball of 2021:

We have enlisted the 8 Most Angular Bowling Balls for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and has come up with a list of these bowling balls with endless features.

1. Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Most Angular Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball is our first choice for the list of the most angular bowling balls. This ball comes without any holes inside. Roto Grip ball comes with a new asymmetrical weight block called Centrum and is paired with the MicroTrax S18 solid reactive coverstock from the idol. This ball adds more flip and back-end motion compared to the idol, as well as more traction than the Hyper Cell fused.

Moreover, this ball also has Extrac Pearl covers, which create motion in a completely different part of the lane. It comes with the same design as the previous haro but with a slight chance of cover stocks.

This halo bowling ball has dimensions of 9 X 9 X 9 inches and weighs around 15 pounds. So it’s quite heavy for a bowling ball, but it adjusts easily and runs firmly on the lane.
It is an ideal choice for any style, whether you like to play straighter up to the right or move in left. It swings great and offers maximum stability on your hands.

The hook gives an immense amount of traction without losing any motion.

Overall, Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball is a great performer from the HP4 line and offers amazing stability on the lane.

  • Highly versatile ball that has excellent motion nFantastic polishing and lasts for longernMultiple drilling system n
  • Limited motion on dry lanes
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2. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

most angular bowling ball

Strom Phaze II is another excellent Bowling Ball successor of Strom’s Phase lineup. It comes with the same low RG, and high differential velocity core as the previous Phaze ball. The biggest difference between these two balls comes from the new TX-16 solid coverstock and the 300 grit box finish.

Storm Phase II is an insanely powerful ball released by a venerable company, plus new TX-16 reactive solid coverstock adds a powerful ingredient inside.

These changes give Phaze II more traction on oil and lead to less midline skid than the original Phase. It comes in three colors, red, blue, and purple and it has symmetrical velocity inside. It has dimensions of 9 X 9 X 8.5 inches and weighs around 12 pounds.
The finishing of the ball is 3000 Abralon and the differential is 0.051. Both power and predictability are top-notch attributes of this ball.

All types of bowlers can take advantage of its controllable ball motion across multiple lane conditions.

To sum up, the Strom Phaze II bowling Ball is one of the most strongest and iconic balls we’ve ever seen in the Master line and a great choice for both beginner and professional bowlers.

  • Ideal for heavy lane condition nInsane hook potentialnRecommend for a beginner bowler n
  • Need little oil in front to get it down the lane
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3. Roto Grip Cell Fused – Most Angular Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Cell Fused

The Roto Grip Cell Fused is the latest blockbuster ball in bowlers’ favorite Roto Grip Cell series.

Roto Grip Cell Fused comes with a nucleus core and delivers exceptional performance during gaming. The ball has finished with 1500 Grit Abralon and polished to give it a shiny finish. Roto Grip features a new Hybrid coverstock called eTrac H18 outside. The coverstock is extremely porous and needs regular maintenance to make sure you can get peak reactivity and angularity in the oil.

This bowl performed best on medium oil lanes. However, it delivers good performance on dry lanes as well. The ball has powerful and distinct motions we’ve seen in a very long time on an angular Ball.

Gearing up this ball is Four HP4 that hits harder than it looks and gives absolute throwing experience.

If you need a high-performing ball that does a fantastic job on a medium lane with a straight-line approach then Roto Grip Cell Fused is definitely the right product to look after.

  • Ideal for those who like distinct motion and back-end punch nHigh performing bowling ball for medium oil patterns nAggressive approach nStandard 1500 Grit Box finish n
  • Not for beginner nNot ideal for complex patterns such as extremely wet n
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4. Hammer Bowling Scandal

most angular bowling ball

Hammer is well known for packing some extremely powerful bowling balls that hit hard. The scandal is a popular bowling ball in Hammer’s high-performing lineup. It comes with a new high differential and low RG symmetrical core design.

It comes with Semtex Hybrid CFI cover stock as its original lineup, but with better durability.

The Hammer Scandal’s cover stock is durable enough to enhance your game performance in tough oil conditions. The coverstock provides solid durability and absorbs mass amounts of oil with ease.

It features hard and angular hooks that take the bowling experience to a whole new level.

The ball has a dimension of 8.75 X 8.75 X 8.75 Inches and weighs around 12.6 Pounds. In general, The hammer Scandal works fine on any oil lanes, but the more oil on the lane, the more powerful the hammer scandal is. Your jaw will drop when you see how much down-lane reaction there is.

Wrapping up, Hammer Bowling Scandal is ideal for bowlers who like bowling in deep oil conditions.

  • Potent Cover stock nMaximum Traction in the deepest of oil patterns nSharp hook nAggressive and oil-friendly nThree-year Warranty n
  • Less effective on less oil
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5. Storm Physix Bowling Ball

Storm Physix

PhysiX is the latest addition to Storm’s high-performance Premier line. It uses a new Atomic asymmetrical core that is nearly identical to the RAD-X core from the Sure-Lock in terms of the RG, the total differential, and the intermediate differential.

This ball performed best on our heavy volume test pattern due to its rough coverstock and strong core.

In comparison with other bowling balls in Storm’s Premier line, the firm’s reintroduced NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock produces a smoother reaction at the breakpoint.

With the Storm PhysiX, you’ll enjoy immediate traction in even the heaviest oil patterns due to the 3000 Abralon finish. This ball’s friction ability coupled with its cover stock will make this ball a favorite among hook-happy bowlers.

Storm PhysiX cover stock is made of NRG Hybrid Reactive material which is extremely porous and built to handle heavy oil patterns.

Storm PhysiX’s Atomic asymmetrical core has been built with a lot of nuance and craftsmanship. Compared to the Storm Sure Lock’s preceding RAD-X core, this one feels lighter.

  • Amazing Hooking potential nExcellent choice for advanced level players nElegant and gorgeous look nPremium finishing nDifferent size variants n
  • Not suitable for beginners.
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6. Motiv Trident Nemesis

most angular bowling ball

A new high-performance ball from Motiv, the Trident Nemesis, is designed for heavy oil. The Motiv Trident Nemesis bowling ball unveils a hook monster that is one of the most intriguing one-of-a-kind products on the market these days. 

The folks over at Motiv have done their best with the Motiv Trident Nemesis, producing a hook-heavy masterpiece capable of shattering the thickest of oil patterns.

New solid reactive coverstock offers maximum oil compatibility and excellent pore size. To ensure maximum grip in slick conditions, the ball’s surface is sanded rough.

It contains an insanely aggressive cover stock, the Coercion HV3 Reactive. Oil is drunk into this reactive solid wonder, creating extraordinary angularity and increased pin carry upon impact.

This asymmetric core from the Motiv Trident Nemesis accentuates the aggression of the Motiv Trident Nemesis in every way. The core of the product is the same as the previous two Trident releases. Besides providing massive hitting power and increased hook creativity, it’s a reliable commodity.

The Motiv Trident Nemesis‘ 2000 Grit LSS box finish is unbeatable against heavy oil.

  • Designed for pro bowlers nLooks hard and distinctly in the middle lane nIdeal for complex oil patterns nDeeper oil means deeper reactivity n
  • Way strong for a beginner
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7. Michelin Strom Omega Crux – Most Angular Bowling Ball

Michelin Strom Omega Crux

Introducing GI-20, the latest game improvement core developed to help provide superior performance in today’s complex bowling environment. As the latest asymmetric core design on the market, Storm also features the Catalyst Core, used in the world-renowned CruxTM series. With Storm, the possibilities are endless!

This ball uses the asymmetrical Catalyst weight blocks, introducing Storm’s latest ball in the Crux line. Pearl Reactive cover (GI-20, Game Improvement 2020) is paired with this proven design.

Its innovative Catalyst Core resides at the center. One of the great things about this design is the cavity, which allows drillers to remove less mass when drilling. The Omega Crux comes with a sanded 3000 Abralon finish, making it one of the very few pearlized balls on the market. The Omega Crux’s agglomerated coverstock provides more traction than the Phaze III polished cover but has less hook than the Gravity Evolve’s and the Crux Prime’s stronger coverstock.

A frictionless environment is ideal for GI-20. As the ball moves through the phases of skid, hook, and roll, its reaction is emphasized. As a result, it always hits the mark. The ball can recover from almost anywhere.

It gets far down the lane before it reads the lane and leaves plenty of motion for the back end. It is no problem for you to move in and open up the lane with the Omega and not worry that it will strike you.

For all of these reasons, Michelin Strom Omega Crux is when you look for the Most Angular Bowling Ball. 

  • Very forgiving Pocket Seeking ball nBeginner Friendly ball n
  • Energy burns up fast in light oil condition
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8. Pyramid Pathogen

most angular bowling ball

Finally, we’ve Pyramid Pathogen Bowling Ball that offers incredible performance during bowling. 

Pathogen uses the solid GPS Navigational coverstock wrapped with the SG Precessional Asymmetric weight block. Abralon 2000 is used for the cover. With a weight of 15lb, it has an RG of 2.53, a differential of .051, and an intermediate differential of .019. 

SG Precessional Asymmetric is a new Pathogen from Pyramid, adding a new core into the mix. The core is medium and differential and should provide a strong motion and high flare.

There’s no need for side-to-side control with this ball since it controls front-to-back really well. You can make the surface shinier if you do want to increase side-to-side movement.

As for ball motion, it was smooth in the front on heavy oil, controlled in the middle, and stayed in the pins with little to no loose effort. With this ball, you can flip it a little more or roll it more in front, to suit most medium to heavy oil. Overall, Pyramid Pathogen Bowling Ball is well worth the money and ideal for all bowling lovers. 

  • Solid GPS navigational Coverstock nExceptional performance from any lane environment nSturdy and lasts for long n
  • Expensive
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Final Words:

Narrowing down our list of the most Angular Bowling Balls of 2023 requires in-depth research and testing. We’ve made sure that all balls in our list deliver powerful angular and give superior performance during your gaming session.

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