Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil Lanes of 2021

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In this article, we put together a list of the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes. Now, you can spend less time finding the good bowling ball for heavy oil, and more time bowling. 😉

A favorite bowling ball game played in the West that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The most important for this game is the lane. There are two types of lane used in this game, oil lane and dry lane. The better the bowling ball stakes on the lane, the better the chances of success. Whether it is oil lane or dry lane, if the choice of ball is not right, the chances of success will also decrease. The right choice of sports equipment used in this sport is important. Only our choice can lead us to success. Before entering the field, every player should make the right choice so that success will follow in his footsteps.

How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil Lanes?

Competitions are held on the oiled lane. Therefore, the player should choose the bowling ball a little better. And this bowling ball should be very high and specially made for the oiled lane. But it should be such that it can be used in a smooth place.
You have to do research to buy balls. You also have to look at your style of play before choosing it. If you throw fast, you have to choose a different ball than the straight ones. Before choosing any ball, you have to consider your style of play. Look at the positive aspects of your game. And it has to be seen that the positive side in you can benefit from the good.

Many companies are working hard to create the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes. With the start of the new year 2021, various companies have started working on this process. Many new haircuts have been introduced in 2021.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil Lanes:

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes you can find today.

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1. Hammer Black Widow

best bowling ball for heavy oil

The Hammer Black Widow is one among the foremost unique low-rev bowling balls on the market, utilizing an asymmetric gas mask core which actually functions more sort of asymmetrical core in conjunction with weight blocks to stay your shot on a line. It’s one among the simplest bowling balls out there for maximizing your lane length. It also hits sort of a rattler upon pin impact.

  • You can get some incredible speed and sneaky back-end pin violence out of a straight shot on light oil lanes.nDurable polyester cover stock which resists wear, oil absorption, dirt buildup.nProvides one among the foremost even lane rolls of any ball we’ve ever tested.n
  • Comes undrilled, Can be a touch spendy for a beginning straight bowler.

2. Ebonite Vortex V2

best bowling ball for heavy oil

The Ebonite Vortex V2 is heavy on reactivity but forgiving enough for intermediate bowlers when it involves off hits. Its symmetrical core helps pack up mistakes and counterbalances the acute reactivity of the duvet stock to an exquisite degree. Once you rein this ball, it’ll do some amazing things you’ve never seen before beginning of your shot release. It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the good bowling ball for heavy oil.

  • This ball may be a heavy oil dream. Its heavy reactivity works extremely well in high oil density, increasing angular reactions and overall firepower.nSymmetrical core keeps your shot on target and stores energy for an incredible finish.nIf you’re just on the precipice of becoming a complicated bowler, this ball may be a fantastic graduation ball. It’s controllable but has some fantastic high-end potential.n
  • If you’re not won’t to the duvet stock’s level of reactivity, you’re getting to struggle. It’s a troublesome ball to tame if you’re not versed.nThis ball comes with a hefty tag. you would like to make certain this is often the simplest ball for you before plopping down your hard-earned cash.n

3. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

If you’re an intermediate bowler trying to find an excellent introduction to high-performance ball reactivity, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl possesses your name written everywhere it. What it lacks in high-end hook potential is formed up for with off-hit forgiveness and an undeniable sense of complete control. You’ll be ready to fine-tune your hook to precision with the assistance of this ball.

  • Pearl cover stock is extremely durable yet fantastically reactive. Its hook potential is great but not marred by an excessive amount of overall reactivity.nSymmetrical core increases overall control and keeps the ball’s reactivity from becoming an excessive amount of.nHigh-speed bowlers will love this ball’s overall performance and therefore the crazy things it can do on the rear end.n
  • If you’re a real beginner, this ball may have an excessive amount of oomph for you. It’s more built for bowlers who have already thrown a reactive resin ball before. It doesn’t portend the high-end hook potential and pin carry that an expert bowler would want

4. Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball 

best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes

The Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball may be a dream ball for stokers and beginning bowlers who are beginning to inch closer to an intermediate skill level. This ball does tons of little things well. that creates it the right ball for a bowler who isn’t quite sure what their strength is simply yet. The Columbia 300 Nitrous basically holds a bowler’s hand and helps them figure that out.

  • The Columbia 300 Nitrous bowling ball’s reactive cover stock is balanced enough to forgive mistakes and help beginning bowlers move up a notch with hook potential.n2-piece symmetrical core creates amazing balance, stability and increases lane length to powerful effect.nHas a very reasonable price point for the quantity of use and teaching potential the ball has.n
  • This ball isn’t for advanced bowlers who have a handle on what they’re good at. This ball is more about checking out what you’re good at.nOnce you begin to work out your shot and need to advance, this ball will lose tons of its efficacy for you.n

5. Motiv Venom Cobra

Motiv Venom Cobra

The Motiv Venom Cobra ball is one of the foremost reactive hook-heavy bowling balls you’re getting to find on the market. However, it balances that with reliable lane length and one among the strongest overall pin impact ratios out there. Simply put, the Motiv Venom Cobra reacts strong and finishes strong with little to stress about when your shot goes well.

  • Sabotage Hybrid Reactive cover stock provides fantastic lane length while also facilitating some amazing angular friction reactions down the lane.nTop Gear dual-density weight block works beautifully with the duvet stock to supply a number of the toughest hits and craziest angles we’ve seen in ball tests.nThe Motiv Venom Cobra has one among the foremost singular and fiery back-end reactions of any ball on this list.n
  • This ball is often extremely overpowering for bowlers who aren’t wont to such reactivity and overall force. It can blow out pretty badly on extremely dry lanes.

6. Brunswick Rhino

top bowling balls for heavy oil

If you would like a ball perfectly designed for dry and medium-dry oiled lanes, the Brunswick Rhino is that the best ball you’ll find. It’s one among the foremost durable reactive bowling balls on the market. It’s also one among the best when it involves reading even the foremost minute amount of oil and turning it into angular precision and a strong back-end reaction. However, there’s no doubt that this ball earned its spot in our best bowling ball for medium to heavy oil lanes list.

  • R-16 reactive cover stock is precision-built to react to the littlest amount of oil on a lane. It does big things with just a touch little bit of oil.nSymmetrical core provides fantastic lane length and stores up energy for a robust back-end finish.nOne of the foremost durable reactive resin bowling balls you’re getting to find.n
  • Beginning bowlers beware – this ball is just too reactive and hard to rein in if you’re not wont to its overall firepower.nNot to be used on heavy oiled lanes. This ball gets gummed up and submerged when oil density is just too thick.n

7. Storm Timeless – Best Storm Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil

Storm Timeless

The Storm Timeless Bowling Ball has the seal of approval from PBA star Jason Belmonte. In fact, its unique design was created with Belmonte’s input! What resulted may be a fantastic reactive ball which also has enough durability and stability to be forgiving for beginners. It’s an insanely important person which turns off hits into crazy pin carry. It is one of the best storm bowling ball for heavy oil lanes.

  • R2S cover stock doesn’t sacrifice durability and overall control for its powerful reactivity. It’s simply perfectly balanced.nDual-Drive weight block is ok tuned to extend overall violence at the rear end of your shot while functioning extremely smoothly through the heads.nOne of the heaviest hitters on this list, by far.n
  • This ball has been known to blow out pretty badly on extremely dry lanes. Beware.nInflated price point will daunt beginning bowlers. It’s not a ball for somebody looking to save lots of a couple of bucks.n

8. Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for medium to heavy oil

The Hammer Scandal/S Ball sports unmatched hitting power with another perk of retaining energy for a huge back-end reaction. It works fantastically on heavy oil and does well with transitions in oil patterning on the lane, smoothing itself out for a late hitting burst. It also reacts smartly and gently enough to stay the control firmly within the hands of the bowler. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best hammer bowling ball for heavy oil, especially from a value perspective.

  • Semtex Hybrid CFI cover stock matches great reactivity with durability that’s unparalleled in reactive resin bowling balls.nSymmetrical core adds a counterbalance of control which benefits both slower bowlers and people who need a touch little bit of tracking to rein their hooks in.nSome heavy oil bowling balls tend to overreact to grease conditions. The Hammer Scandal/S doesn’t do that. In fact, it makes varied oil conditions feel almost like one another when thrown with efficacy.n
  • High-speed bowlers might not get an equivalent benefit out of this ball as lower-speed bowlers. Higher speeds can dig this ball’s overall efficiency.nWhen the ball gets gummed up with oil, it starts to lose its smoothness and act erratically. It needs constant cleaning to combat this.n

9. Ebonite Choice – Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil

Ebonite Choice

The Ebonite Choice provides an unbeatable combination of a strong, durable cover stock and undeniable hook potential which leads into an insane back-end reaction. It’s also tons easier to regulate than a number of the opposite heavy oil bowling balls on this list because of asymmetrical core calibrated to scale back the impact of shot mistakes.

  • GSV-1 cover stock burns through heavy oil with ease, keeps the energy building for an incredible back-end crash regardless of how oily the lanes are.nSymmetrical mass bias core increase pin carry and lane length without cutting into hook potential.nOne of the more durable and easy-to-maintain reactive cover stocks we’ve ever played with.n
  • This ball is often extremely volatile and hard to handle for inexperienced bowlers, and may be trouble for all bowlers on fresh house conditions. The ball can get chewed up pretty badly on drier lanes. Keep it within the bag on those occasions

10. Brunswick T Zone Bowling Ball

good bowling ball for heavy oil

The Brunswick T Zone bowling ball is one among the foremost trusted balls out there for beginners and intermediate bowlers trying to find a stable spare ball. It does portend solid hook potential, but its real draw is its fantastic lane length and skill to assist minimize the effect beginner’s mistakes wear an overall shot.

  • One of the foremost durable polyester cover stocks on the market. This ball has straight-line power for days because of its strong outer composition.nSymmetrical core is perfectly calibrated to extend lane length and hitting power in equal doses.nThis is one among the foremost well-reviewed spare bowling balls to possess ever hit the web marketplace.n
  • This ball has no real reactivity and gets submerged in heavy oil lanes.nCan be a touch muted as a spare ball for a complicated bowler trying to find a touch more.n


There are numerous different opinions about what the simplest ball on the market is that you’re rarely getting to get two people to agree! However, this text has all the knowledge you would like to work out what the absolute best ball is for you. Whether you’re a hook-dominant bowler or a straight bowler with tons of power behind you, there’s something on the above list for you.
And together with your own personal best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes in hand, there’s not much you won’t be ready to do at the lanes!
Play on dry lanes or heavy oil lanes stay safe chose the top bowling balls for heavy oil and win your dreams.

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