Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers

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In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 best bowling balls for straight bowlers for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and has come up with a list of these bowling balls with endless features.

Bowlers consider several factors to triumph and thrive in their sport when bowling with a bowling ball. They have several choices in their apparel, gear, and, obviously, their bowling balls. A bowling ball that allows burgeoning is customized according to their preferences and hand size. However, a straight bowler has fewer choices than a hook bowler. Also, the first step is selecting the perfect bowling ball and knowing what difference it makes.

Our Top Picks of the Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers:

We have some top picks for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers for our straight bowlers so that they do not have to struggle to discover the best kind of bowling ball for straight bowlers. They are arranged from the mediocre to the best ones.

Now, let us have a word about how each product can affect your performance and proliferate your charisma.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for straight bowlers

If you think Brunswick as one of the leading brands in the production of bowling balls, I bet, you are not wrong. Ideal for beginners to start with, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball also belongs to the best bowling ball for straight bowlers as well as hook bowlers.

It has a polyester coverstock and a mixed variety of choices for quaint colours, both for durability, and beauty.

It is the most versatile and affordable bowling ball while being a thing of beauty. Easily one of the best type of bowling ball for a straight bowler for all age groups and, for both men and women.

The only thing we reprimand is its patchy weight, which results in a hard-to-pinpoint weight. It does come with drilled holes for hand placements and has a wide array of customizations available.

This is an ideal beginners’ ball.

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  • Polyester coverstocknEffective for all surfaces
  • Patchy/inconsistent weightnNot ideal for pro players

2. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite is a vulcanized hard rubber and this product named after it is definitely a sturdy product. The polyester coverstock provides smaller pickups for hook bowlers, thus making this product suitable for straight bowlers. There is a reason why Ebonite Maxim is in the list of the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

The Ebonite Maxim serves best for amateur players and has been designed for heavy usage. However, too much oil on lanes can make it skid off the lanes. Better control and traction provided only on dry surfaces.

It comes with a wide array of colours and at a range of 6-16lbs. The look and feel are aesthetic, while the design is stylish.

  • Polyester coverstocknMade for heavy usenGood for average lanes
  • Only for dry surfacenNot for prosnNot many colour choices

Currently unavailable

3. Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

Hammer Black-Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

If you are on a light budget and looking for a cheap product to practice, then this product is not for you. The Hammer Black Widow is like Natasha Romanoff, it isn’t available everywhere but is still the best one available.

This product is best for professionals and ranges from 12-16lbs in weights. Its gas mask core gives it versatility and backend grip. It is definitely not good for hook bowlers and thus, is chosen to be one of the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

The Hammer Black Widow is not made for amateur or novice players. It is best for heavily oiled surfaces and requires immense practice and patience with time to be unbeatable.

The availability of choices for quaint colours and refined artistic beauty of this product adds charm to the player.

  • Best for prosnHybrid Coverstock nBest for heavily oiled surfacenAesthetic and gas mask core
  • ExpensivenNeeds practice for perfectionnNot beginner-friendly
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4. Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

Globe Viz-A-Ball

Hercules might be holding down the earth, but holding the globe can give equal if not all the pleasure he gets. Emulating the globe-like appearance on a small spherical bowling ball with a polyester coverstock adds to its amulet.

Your desire to be unique and noticeable can be given a great go, only if you decide to have a chance. A chance to choose the best bowling balls for straight bowlers, proving worthy of being used at any surface.

Providing weight options ranging from 6-16lbs, the Viz-A-Ball is designed for proper weight balancing and controllability on various surfaces down the lanes. However, it doesn’t come pre-drilled, thus asking you for your hand size so that drilling goes just perfect.

Even though it is one of our best kind of bowling ball for straight bowler, I wonder why is this product not at the top of our list!

  • Creative DesignnCan be used on any surfacenWell balancednPolyester coverstocknNo pre-drilling
  • Not many colour choices
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5. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for straight bowlers

Just like the cobra, this Motiv Venom Shock is highly reactive to the surface with its hybrid reactive coverstock. This product has been built for both straight as well as hook bowlers, even though it has to be one of the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

Ranging from 12-16lbs, due to its weight it isn’t shaky and is reasonably priced for its spectacular performance. Offers better response to friction and, doesn’t come pre-drilled – for obvious reasons.

The ball is designed for average oil bowling conditions, and thus, best for intermediate players.

  • Hybrid Reactive CoverstocknResponsive and balancednBuilt for all kinds of players
  • Not many colour options
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6. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

Storm Mix Urethane

The Storm Mix Urethane has its urethane coverstock and a 3-piece core body for dry surfaces. It has a wide range of colours and is best for both hook and straight bowlers.

This ball is not designed for oily and medium lanes. Its smooth exterior and glossy look are the part of its beauty that delivers excellent performance for its price. We are just worried whether it deserves to be in a list of the best type of bowling ball for a straight bowler.

  • Urethane coverstocknBest for dry surfacesnWide choices for coloursnGlossy and smooth exterior
  • Not for oily lanesnNot suitable for medium lanes
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7. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for straight bowlers

We are back to the same brand we started off with, and Brunswick ensures that we are not disappointed. Its polyester coverstock is best suitable for all lane conditions.

The available weight options are 12lbs, and, it doesn’t come pre-drilled as well. It has a visible seam but is reasonably priced. It is ultimately one of the best bowling balls for straight bowlers.

We do not have much to talk about this product, but we are still sure that this product can outclass every other product in its price range due to its brand, and longevity.

  • Limited Edition ProductnPolyester coverstocknDoesn’t come pre-drillednInexpensive
  • Visible seamnOnly 12lbs weight option available
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8. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous

A lowkey product with a few best features, the Columbia 300 Nitrous is a stylish, durable and affordable product.

It is made of a reactive coverstock, and it doesn’t come pre-drilled so that you can drill it as per your requirements.

One thing to note that the Columbia 300 Nitrous isn’t designed for amateur players. The intermediates and pro players can handle it well, but the immense practice is necessary to perfect the throws. But with these conditions set, it is one of the best kind of bowling ball for straight bowlers.

  • Perfect for intermediatesnCan be drillednReactive coverstocknAffordable, stylish and durable
  • Low-gradenNot at all for beginnersnRequires practice
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9. Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball

columbia 300 white dot

We are back to the same phase of the same manufacturer and a slightly different product. I don’t know why, but this product seems reasonable to me. Maybe it deserves to be more in the list of best bowling ball for straight bowlers, than the other one.

It has its polyester coverstock and has got a shiny, glossy and aesthetic look while offering a wide array of whimsical colours. It offers a weight range between 6-15lbs and also provides more features than the last one we discussed.

The Columbia 300 White Dot, is still not designed for novice players and is only made for intermediate and pro players. Its pancake core helps it to attain stable straight shots, though it’s too slippery for specific conditions. Otherwise, it is best for all kinds of surfaces., and mainly dry lanes!

  • Polyester coverstocknBest for dry lanesnWide choices of coloursnNo stability issues
  • Not best for amateur playersnToo slippery
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10. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for straight bowlers

Yes, we are back again to the manufacturer we started with, and if I am not wrong, we will never get bored of it. Its reactive coverstock is best to suit advanced level and intermediate level players.

It is not made for amateurs/beginners and can skid off the surface of the lanes if not appropriately handled. It is still one of the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

The Brunswick Rhino is a bit expensive bowling ball in the range of 10-16lbs bowling balls and much durable as well as smooth. Stated as one of the best bowling balls for straight bowlers, it glows in blacklight and is glossy.

It is very reactive to oily lanes, contains symmetrical core for drilling holes, and is a great product. Crazy enough, it often goes out stock due to its traits and, of course, its brand!

  • Reactive coverstocknBest for prosnSmooth and durablenSymmetrical core
  • Not for amateursnSkids off surfacenExpensivenVery reactive to oiled lanesnMostly remains out of stock.
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How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers?

Choosing your ball to gain the optimum performance and thrill requires a bit of scrutiny before going for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers. Few tricky points and tips to observe can offer you the best chance to choose the best type of bowling ball for a straight bowler:

Find your ideal ball weight

  • Ideal ball weight is 10% of your entire body weight or 2-4lbs less than your home bowling ball.
  • More or less can either provide discomfort, injury and hurdles or can be less impactful after throwing.
  • Don’t try to look cool, but play cool.

Get it drilled to fit your hand.

  • Drilling as per your hand’s measurement decreases the risk of injury.
  • It increases performance, and with a bit of practice, you will be able to control your ball more.
  • The best bowling balls for straight bowlers provide optimal options for drilling purposes.

Ensure the coverstock type that you want

  • Coverstock is the outer material of your shot. 
  • Hook bowlers need to look for factors like Coverstock, Parallel-Axis-Point, Hook Potential, Core type, Core Materials, etc.
  • Straight bowlers have to look for only the factor for optimum performance, and that is the coverstock material.
  • Aggressive coverstock proves best for oily lanes.
  • Stiff ones prove best for dry lanes.
  • The best bowling ball can have any type of coverstock materials and they would still stand-out.

Other things to looks for

  • As much as the variety of Ball matters, your apparels matter too.
  • Good bowling shoes will help you with traction and sliding.
  • Ensure that your lanes and balls fit your player level.


The bowling ball is definitely the most crucial aspect of the bowling game. But the ball doesn’t play the only important role. Your attention, your apparels, skills, practice play a lot of the roles that your ball can just be a part of. Practicing on various types of lanes and surfaces enhances your core performances, and choosing the best bowling ball for straight bowlers becomes worth it.

“Don’t go too fast, my friend, or you’ll lose control!”

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