What Bowling Shoes Do the Pros Wear? [Detail Guide]

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Finding what bowling shoes the pros wear on the basis of your comfort, preference, choice, and also pocket-friendly is quite a task. Many people tend to give up after not getting the one they are looking for and buying an ordinary bowling shoe. They find it unnecessary to waste their time on selecting a good pair of shoes as it contributes minimal contribution towards the game. But they are unaware of the fact that this minimalistic contribution sometimes will win a big game for them.

In order to reduce your burden of finding the best pair of shoes, our experts have shortlisted what bowling shoes the pros wear, which will assist you with great comfort, plenty of room, and an overall excellent experience.

So, Let’s have a look at what bowling shoes the pros wear.

Our Top Picks What Bowling Shoes Do The Pros Wear:

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on what bowling shoes do the pros wear.

1. Dexter T.H.E. 9

Dexter T.H.E. 9

These super quality shoes were manufactured to help in the finishing of more expert-honed moves when on the start in the lanes.

There are lot of spectacular features available with these pair of Bowling Shoe. However, they are developed with the idea of normal to advanced level bowlers, and the characteristics are fixed to such. Some of its most unmatched characteristics available that aren’t easily found with comparative shoes are “hyperflex” channels with a reinforced toe-hold.

If you’re eager to know features you are going to achieve with the Dexter T.H.E. 9 Bowling Shoes, you aren’t the only one. However, their premium quality innovations promise a long-lasting, flexible, sustainable bowling shoe with an almost forever lifespan.

These shoes don’t have interchangeable soles. Which our experts have noted that can create a weak point in costlier bowling shoes. Their uncommon engineering processes were designed to address these issues.

  • These shoes come in a wide range of different colour options, which allows wearers to show their personality and fashion with these shoes.nThis Bowling Shoe was designed with longevity in mind. The characteristics we mentioned above are newly discovered, creating a strong, hard pair of bowling shoes.nIt can be customized depending on the techniques and skills of those sapping the shoes. They design patented symmetry on the outsole, which assists you to skip the common process of trimming sole pads.nThese shoes are considered by far among the most comfortable bowling shoes available on the market. They are manufactured with breathable, mushy leather, letting you from worry about foot pain during bowling.n
  • Don’t expect the pair of shoes to be cheap. Instead, they are one of the costliest bowling shoes that are out in the market. However, for a demanding performance, professional-level bowling shoe, this should no competition with others.n
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2. Dexter SST 8 – What Bowling Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

what bowling shoes do the pros wear

The Dexter SST 8 bowling shoe is among the top-quality shoes for advance and expert bowlers. This shoe is made of high-quality, supreme, full-grain leather. Suitable for flexibility and long-lasting shoe performance in and out of the alley.

Moreover, these shoes assist the wearer with Unbelievable breathability and room. This helps you to play comfortably, without panicking about slipping around.

The sole of this bowling shoe is made specially for interchangeability as you need. But, their generally used rubber outsoles are ideal for extensive long-lasting and a strong slide.

The shoe’s innersole is one of its powerful features. This shoe is designed with a padded collar, providing ultimate comfort for the bowler. However, the comforting level doesn’t stop here with the collar. As the insole is also manufactured for the sky-scraping possible levels of insole while bowling.

  • An EVA midsole is also attached with these shoes, which adds durability, stability and flexibility levels.nThis bowling shoe gives the best ventilation of any of the shoes we have used and researched by our experts.nWith splendid comfort levels, there is no results that should be anticipated with these shoes, with the characteristic of decreasing pain and discomfort initially.n
  • This shoes are considered some of the most expensive shoes that our experts have enlisted in the category of best bowling shoesn
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3. Pyramid HPX

Pyramid HPX

The HPX Extreme Performance Pyramid bowling shoe reached top marks on our list of the best bowling shoes, and are one of the suitable “performance” option we found. As an extreme performance option, you can hope to get quite a bit of characteristic qualities out of these.

To start with, the Pyramid HPX High Performance has a starry design, resembling more like a stylish pair of sporty shoes than a gaudy, top-class pair of rental bowling shoes. With their athletic style, they are not far behind from any other bowling shoe on our list.

If you consider fit, you can expect a high level of comfort, although HPX has been known to be fussy with the sizing of their bowling shoe. This shape was designed to go along with the natural curve of the foot, assisting high comfort and support when bowling.

The shoes are produced from soft, fine leather, leading to a little time for the shoes to be broken in, especially during the comparison to other bowling shoe options.

  • The Pyramid HPX High Performance is made with interchangeable heels and soles, which allows its users to customize their shoe to their own unmatched playing style and comfort level.nBiomechanical contouring providing extreme comfort and support when bowling.nThe HPX is quite less expensive. n
  • The sizing of these shoes is known to be a bit tricky so you need to be careful while purchasing.n
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4. Brunswick Vapor – What Bowling Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

what bowling shoes do the pros wear

The Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoe is a starry choice for those who may be newer to bowling and are not sure as to what shoe is the right fit for them. With a pro-finished design, it motivates you to push past the beginner stage into the ranks of more advanced bowlers.

But, despite the pro-finished and stylish advent, these shoes are also quite cosy and steady. They are the most suitable option for newbie bowlers.

Aside from an attractive overall design, it should be taken into consideration that the manufacturing and materials are quite above what should be expected at the price point.

If the low price provides you concerns about all-round performance, there is no need to fear. The soles are built from microfiber, encouraging to provide a ideal job to make your movements and slides easier to achieve.

  • These shoes have a look that is quite stylish for new level bowling shoes. nThese pair of shoes are one of the most affordable bowling shoe options that our experts have enlisted on our list of the best bowling shoes.nThese are some of the most lightweight bowling shoes available to you.n
  • With a lower price point, it can be expected that the quality of materials is not that goodnAs expected with Brunswick, the fit can be a little bit tricky from shoe to shoe. n
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5. Dexter Vicky

Dexter Vicky

The Vicky bowling shoe is produced by brand Dexter is a superb way to look awesome while getting front of the curve on your bowling game. Not only are these shoes pleasant and stylish. They also give an advantage needed when reaching, sliding, and pushing your game ahead to a different level of play.

The firm uppers of the bowling shoe pair with a coated, soft fabric inner and padded collar and tongue. These all blend to make sure you receive the support your feet will need one after another.

The long-lasting rubber outsoles have a perfect “horseshoe heel”, which performs to make sure you can maintain your foot activity when releasing the ball in the lane and breaking your slide.

  • This pair of bowling shoes, with stylish, are also deceptive, working excellently for both left-handed and right-handed bowlers.nOutsoles which are Rubberized provide extreme protection and support for the midsole and sole, and are soberly non-marking, helping the approach with a smooth, clean run.nPadded tongues and collars, microfiber slide soles, and a horseshoe heel performs together to make these some of the cosiest bowling shoes for women on the market today.n
  • With the shoes are being long-lasting, stylish, supportive, and comfortable, they come at a higher price than someone would expect their price.
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6. Dexter Turbo II – What Shoes Do Pro Bowlers Wear?

what bowling shoes do the pros wear

This bowling shoe is standard made of gold for bowling shoes for pros. It follows the exact trend as various comparative models that are on our target list. With materials made up of synthetic, soles made of rubber. And a feature of low-profile design, these are a protocol that is followed by this “little bit of everything” bowling shoe.

They work ideal for both right-handed and left-handed bowlers, which lets you bowl comfortably without the requirement to adjust styles or different ways of getting the ball down the lane to the pins.

The most favourable feature of the Dexter Turbo II (different from the modern style) is its inner padding.

But One of its most common disadvantages is that the fit is wider.

These bowling shoes are considered ideal investment for beginner and advance level bowlers. Thus, we would suggest them as one of the best shoe that pro bowlers wear.

  • These shoes are ideal for ongoing development and improvement of beginners to expert level bowlers.nThe Dexter Turbo II is unaffected to abrasion both inside (rubbing on the feet) and outside the shoe (scuffs and marks on the shoes).nThese bowling shoes are quite less expensive and a perfect option present on our list of the best bowling shoes.nThe structure of the Dexter Turbo II is stylish and latest.n
  • Some pf the buyers have found that the fit to be a bit wide, even though they are not a “wider” bowling shoe.
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7. Dexter Jenna II

Dexter Jenna II

It is an excellently unique bowling shoe offering. They are equipped with a knit fabric upper, offering a room for feet and lightweight thin leather options. It also assists the ease needed to bowl on and on and on.

These bowling shoes is made up with high-performance features which is built right into the rubber sole. Assisting to give an impressive amount of slide for even the most newbie type of bowlers.

Broadly speaking, the Dexter Women’s Jenna II gives a splendid blend of bowling technology and supreme levels of comfort, blending to create a mind-blowing, grasping, and comforting bowling shoe.

  • These shoes are designed with an aim to achieve lightweight feature and breathable knit upper, which is far more comfortable than leather competitors.nA detailed rubber horseshoe-style heel and an EVA outsole make sures that the shoe will be in perfect working condition for years to come.n
  • The price for these shoes can be quite high for what you get in the market.nIt can be a bit larger than sized, which is considered to be a trend that have continued in these shoesn
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8. 3G Tour Ultra

what bowling shoes do the pros wear

This is the latest bowling shoe for the ultra-level bowling professional. The Tour Ultra Bowling Shoes from 3G are produced from kangaroo skin. Which is considered the strongest and weightless leather avail to you in the market today. The 3G Tour Ultras are the ideal mix of flexibility, performance, and super long-lasting. All enfolded in a stylish, unmatched package that is perfect to please even the pickiest of shoe lovers.

An all-rounded package, these shoes have plenty of extras, which includes four soles, three heels, shoe trees, and slide sole cover, vented insoles with a carry bag. Also, a replaceable Kevlar toe cap comes with it. The choices for customization are never-ending.

  • These shoes have four soles which are easily interchangeable, back skin, deer skin, cleats, and chrome leather is what it is made of.nThe 3G Tour Ultra Bowling Shoes also come in three different, interchangeable heels: Rippled, flat normal, and back skin.n
  • Some customers have felt uncomfortable while wearing this shoe which is made from kangaroo leather as compared to synthetic alternatives.nThe price for this shoe is likely going to be higher than you might have expect while looking for them online.n
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So, that’s it from us, we hope that this article may have helped you to find what bowling shoes do the pros wear?

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