Best Bowling Ball for Two Finger Bowler of 2023

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It’s 2023, and you are looking for the best bowling ball for your two-finger bowling style. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best bowling balls for two-finger bowlers! Whether you are looking for a versatile ball that can be used on many different lane conditions or a ball that gives you plenty of hook, we have you covered. Keep reading to find out which bowling ball is perfect for your game!

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Two Finger Bowler:

We have enlisted the best balls for two handed bowlers that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and has come up with a list of these bowling balls with endless features.

1. Motiv Venom Shock Ball

best bowling ball for two finger bowler

Inclining towards the name, the ball looks fierce and engraved with a snake mark, which leaves a beautiful trail over oily lanes. It can easily regulate the lanes and govern the pins. This ball is preferred for its durability and survival for years without breaking.

  • As it moves closer to the pins, it provides a perfect angular backend.nIts vibrant colors attract the attention of many spectators on the lane. nThis ball can be used on the oil lanes, which are light or moderately oily. nIt can be great for fast changes and tries to go to the mid-length.
  • If you are a straight line bowler, this ball isn’t preferablenIts design and grip are not much superior on dry lanes.

2. Radical Conspiracy Ball

 Radical Conspiracy Ball

If, as a two-finger bowler, you wish your ball to look fierce and aggressive, then this ball is most preferred. This ball stands as the most powerful and contentious of all. This ball won’t be the one that slides easily, even on a dry lane, since it has a lot of bite. If you like the versatility while bowling, then this is the best ball.

  • A perfect start is possible due to the beautiful entry angle of this ball. nThe versatility of a ball lies with the lane coverage, and this ball, due to its asymmetric core, ensures proper coverage. nIt offers a smooth transition and power down the lane, thereby allowing adequate continuation. nPro bowlers can easily handle this ball
  • Some balls aren’t meant for everyone, and this ball is one of them. nIt sometimes hooks early, which makes the bowler a need to adjust the grip.

3. Roto-Grip Halo Ball

best balls for two handed bowlers

‘Pink is the new power’ would be the perfect phrase to describe this ball. The ball can easily pass through any oil lane and gain enough power to reach the pins and attract the spectators quite smoothly.

  • This ball procures plenty of rotation due to its radial shape in the core.nThis ball has a lot of power due to which it can reach the pins quite easily.nIt can be used on any lane quite effortlessly. It can penetrate through oil and trip smoothly.nIt is provided with an incredible back hook.
  • The new hookers won’t be much fascinated by this ball. nThe straight shot with this ball is not much of convenience and also the spare.

4. Brunswick Strike King Ball

Brunswick Strike King Ball

If you have just entered the two-finger bowling, then this ball can be of great assistance to you. The power provides all over the lane, and then its responses in hooking in the wrist are also incredible. If you have a packed schedule and still you want to enjoy bowling, then you must go with this ball as it offers cooperative learning with smooth control and settles you in bowling. You can master the art of bowling with this ball. However, there’s still no doubt that the Brunswick Strike King Ball deserves its lofty spot on the best bowling ball for two-finger bowler list

  • This ball is a fresh design with a finished gloss which attracts many eyes. nIt has a spectacular response due to its cover back and the power it holds to win any lane.nBeing a ball for beginners, it can be easily accessed by professionals and gives a free rotation when used by advanced bowlers. nThe friction of the lane rarely matters while using this ball.nYou can cover a long length by using this ball.
  • It’s still not a good idea for the advanced bowlers due to varied options available for them.nIt requires a decent start; otherwise, one can face a chip off.

5. Ebonite Futura Ball

Ebonite Futura Ball

Bowling is all about the time we spend with the ball. This ball is remarkably designed in a way that it breaks at a certain point, which makes it possible for the two-finger bowlers to improvise his next turn. In this way, the bowler who is interested in improving his bowling skills can opt for this ball. Its predictability and spontaneity are adequately displayed on the lanes.

  • Its cover stock is redesigned to offer a perfect grip and movement to the bowler.nThe improvements make sure that the power transmitted in the trail will be maximum and also the control over the ball.nThe material used in the ball offers vertical motion and sufficient movement. nIt is designed for fresh oil lanes and has a remarkable performance in that state.
  • Not all two-finger bowlers prefer friction readability, and hence for them, it’s not an excellent option. nBeginners may find it difficult to control.

6. Pyramid Antidote Ball

Pyramid Antidote Ball

If you wish the ball to maintain a firm grip on the lane and also want to avoid strikes, then you can use this ball. It has a remarkable cover stock that allows the two-finger bowlers to manage the ball quite easily. Its design allows beginners to control and ensure perfect throws. Unlike the other balls, it does not slide easily from the two-finger hook. It has an attractive yellow texture, which is quite different.

  • It has a remarkably sizeable symmetric core, which allows it to rotate freely and hook ideally. nIt can give an excellent performance on medium or heavy oil lanes and won’t slide off easily. nYou can use it for two yearsnThis ball can give sufficient hook and right curve due to its medium flare potential.
  • It can leave pocket splits if not controlled by a person who knows bowling.nIt is not much celebrated by the bowlers.

7. DV8 Pitbull Bark Ball – Best Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

 DV8 Pitbull Bark Ball

A perfect hook is essential for two-finger bowlers. The ones who want it over hooks can prefer this ball. This ball is quite celebrated in the market for its power and control amongst the two-finger bowlers. It adheres to the oiliest lanes too. Thus, it can manage proper coverage without slipping and sliding. 

  • It has a long-lasting fang max cover stock, which gives a smooth start to the ball and also preserves much of its power to use it later for the pins. nWhen oily conditions prevail, it provides a maximum hook and supports without sliding.nIt has a Dynamic Core which confirms free rotation of the ball.nIt is built with a 1000 grit pad, which helps to move across the land quite smoothly and give a good response.
  • It won’t be much continuous and susceptible.nIt requires much maintenance of the cover stock due to its quality than the core.

8. Radical Reax V2

Radical Reax V2

If you wish to have a brilliant backend reaction, then this ball is a good option. It ensures the right amount of additional length and also incorporates a new technology of the finger scoop and incredible backend, which can give useful drills and a great trail. It’s designed quite vividly to attract most of the gazes.

  • It is preferred for a brilliant backend reaction, and also it can give a tremendous additional length. nIt is also a new emerging ball due to its core.
  • It is not still much admired by users who prefer two-finger bowling.

9. Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball

Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball

If you wish to have a strong-looking ball with a pearl surface finish that gives it a classy look, then this ball is one of the most opted ones. It is quite admired for its stable rolling in the middle lane, which is reasonably fair. It also transfers power quite smoothly as it touches the pins, and the dual logo attracts a different gaze as it enters the nails, which look spectacular.

  • This ball doesn’t make much noise as the other ballsnIt makes a smooth transition as it passes through the lanes. nIt is admired for the backend response.
  • This ball is not preferred for the oily lanes which can hamper its performancenIt’s not much famous amongst left-handed bowlers.nIt cannot pass through the frictional surfaces.

10. Rack Attack Bowling Ball

Rack Attack Bowling Ball

If you love the dull finish of the surface and wish to provide a grip to the lane motion, then this ball is undoubtedly one of a kind. The Rack Attack Bowling Ball can give a remarkable performance on heavy or medium oil by penetration of the oil marks appreciated by two-finger bowlers. It is quite smooth during the front roll and offers a great backend. It is easily accessible for drills.

  • This ball is meant for the entry-level and tournament level bowlers.nIt gives a remarkable backend and smooth start.nIt has a traditional light bulb core, which provides an aesthetic feeling. nIt is generally meant for those who wish to begin with competitions.
  • It is not much worth to a pro bowler or an advanced player.nIt won’t be much of a use if the condition of the land goes rough.

11. Nirvana – Best Bowling Ball for Two-Finger Bowler

best bowling ball for two finger bowler

If you are searching for a ball that can deceive oil and can help you in any oily lane, then it’s the perfect ball designed for two-finger bowlers. It has a smooth start and saves its power for the end part of the road, due to which the bowlers quite appreciate it. Its design and color are attractive.

  • It is appreciated for its power-saving and smooth curves.nIt is quite light.nSuitable for the beginner and also for the pro player nIt is vastly preferred by the players.
  • It doesn’t have a proper grip or hook.nIt can sometimes slide over the oil, which is not much liked by the bowlers.

12. Timeless Bowling Balls

Timeless Bowling Ball

If you love to try new balls and new technology, then it’s one of the best we have. The black or turquoise color attracts every eye, and thus one likes to show off with this perfect ball. It is accomplished with one of the fastest revving benefits. It can be assistance to a pro player or an advanced bowler.

  • It’s lightweight and can be handled quite easily.nIts core is of new technology and thus has an impressive impact.nIt has a firm grip and control.
  • Due to its new technology, it is not much preferred by old players.

13. Halo – Best Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

 Halo bowling ball

If you are somewhere concerned about the looks and the grip both, then Halo is a perfect ball for you to start. It is quite famous for its flat hooks and thus has a decent hooking chance. Its pink color gives it a good look and feel. Accordingly, it has become one of the favorites among the two-finger bowlers. Halo is a great combination of affordability and quality, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best balls for two-handed bowlers.

  • Its hooking is remarkable due to the flat hook system.nIt has an electric grip due to the induction of roto grip in the ball. nIt can give a smooth start and does not unnecessarily fall from the hands.nIt is quite good at curves.n
  • It can slide over heavy oil. nNot a suitable ball to begin with.


So, the list can go on. But, it’s our duty that you do not stay in confusion. So, choose your ball according to your requirements, grip, and lane. It’s a great feeling to be bowling with a perfect shot.

Being a two-finger bowler you must know how to choose the correct ball. The ideal rule for the weight of the ball is that the ball should be 10% of your weight. Check the measures of a pre-drilled ball that can assist you. Generally, get a ball drilled from the shop so that it can adjust to your hand. Check the cover stock and compare it with the lane. Also! Be patient while selecting your ball. You might be amazed by the options available. But choose the one which catches your attention and grip.

Buying guide

Of course, I won’t leave you without a buying guide.

Here is a concise buying guide:

Step 1: Identify Your Bowling Style

Before buying a bowling ball, it’s crucial to understand your bowling style. If you’re a two-finger bowler, focus on bowling balls that support this unique style, offering stability, control, and enhanced hook potential.

Step 2: Understand Lane Conditions

Different bowling balls perform differently on various lane conditions. Some balls are versatile and adapt well to a wide range of conditions, while others are designed for specific lane conditions (dry, oily, etc.). Make sure to choose a ball that suits the conditions you most frequently encounter.

Step 3: Consider Ball Material

The material of the bowling ball can significantly impact its performance. For instance, urethane balls provide more control and are better suited for dry conditions, while reactive resin balls offer a strong hook and work well in oilier conditions. Polyurethane balls are great for beginners due to their durability and straight trajectory.

Step 4: Check the Ball’s Weight

Ball weight is a crucial factor in your performance. While heavier balls can knock down more pins, they can be challenging to control. Conversely, lighter balls offer more control but might not have as much hitting power.

Generally, the ball should weigh around 10% of your body weight, up to a maximum of 16 pounds.

Step 5: Review Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insight into a bowling ball’s real-world performance. Pay close attention to reviews from bowlers who also use the two-finger style, as they’ll have firsthand experience relevant to your needs.

Step 6: Set a Budget

Bowling balls can range from affordable to quite expensive. Determine a budget that won’t break the bank but will still allow you to purchase a quality ball that enhances your game.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball Using Two-Finger Bowling?

To hook a bowling ball using the two-finger bowling technique, follow these steps:

  1. Understand Two-Finger Bowling: Grip the ball with the middle and ring finger, aiming for increased control and precision.
  2. Choose the Right Bowling Ball: Select a ball with high hook potential that suits your style and skill level.
  3. Position Your Hand Properly: Insert the middle and ring finger into the ball up to the second knuckle while keeping the thumb outside.
  4. Master the Grip and Release Technique: Maintain a firm but not tight grip, and focus on rolling the ball off your fingertips during the release.
  5. Build Strength and Flexibility: Strengthen your wrist and improve flexibility through exercises like wrist curls and stretches.
  6. Perfect the Hook Shot: Experiment with release points and wrist positions to control the ball’s trajectory, gradually increasing speed and intensity.
  7. Avoid Common Mistakes: Steer clear of gripping the ball too tightly, overusing wrist action, rushing the release, or having inconsistent arm swings.
  8. Practice Drills: Incorporate targeted practice drills, such as spare shooting and adjusting angles, to enhance your skills.
  9. Aim for Consistency and Accuracy: Maintain a relaxed approach, develop a pre-shot routine, visualize your target, and make necessary adjustments.
  10. Maintain and Care for Your Equipment: Clean your ball regularly, consult professionals for maintenance advice, and ensure comfortable finger holes.
  11. Enjoy the Benefits: Two-finger bowling offers greater control, reduced wrist strain, improved hook potential, and adds excitement to the game.

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