Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers in 2023

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In my quest to find the ultimate two-handed bowling ball, I have enlisted some of today’s top experts in the field. From professional bowlers to those who have years of experience with different types of bowling balls, I have gathered information from many different sources. After careful consideration, I have put together a list of what I believe to be the top 10 bowling balls for two-handed bowlers in 2023.

Bowling a bowling ball needs doling of brawn and shooting up your enactment. You have several choices before you go for a good bowling ball. Your apparels, gears, skills, and tactics have to be polished before you initiate throwing that vast mass of sphere towards your 10-pin target. While straight and hook bowlers have more choices, as a two-handed bowler, you have to look for several more contrivances to start with. However, you still have to know why you need to choose your piece of cake, we mean ball, so you know what difference it can make.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers:

We do have some of the top picks for the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers to choose from. While the list of the best storm bowling ball for two-handed bowlers might not be what you had seen for yourself, it surely does have what is best for you.

They are all arranged subtly for you to decide. Let’s have a look at all of those:

1Brunswick Tzone Ball
2Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball
3Motive Venom Cobra Bowling Ball
4Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball
5Physix Bowling Ball from Storm
6Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball
7Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Ball
8Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball
9Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball
10Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball

Now, let us have a word about how each product can affect your performance and proliferate your charisma.

1. Brunswick Tzone Ball

best bowling ball for two handed bowlers

If you think Brunswick as one of the leading brands in the production of bowling balls, we bet you are not wrong. Ideal for beginners to start with, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball also belongs to the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers as well as hook bowlers.

It has a polyester coverstock and a mixed variety of choices for quaint colors, both with durability and beauty.

It is the most versatile and affordable bowling ball while being a thing of beauty. Easily one of the two-handed bowling ball for all age groups and for both men and women.

The only thing we reprimand is its patchy weight, which results in a hard-to-pinpoint weight. It does come with drilled holes for hand placements and has a wide array of customizations available. This is an ideal beginners’ ball.

  • Polyester coverstock
  • Effective for all surfaces
  • Patchy/inconsistent weightn
  • Not ideal for pro playersn

2. Hammer Black Widow Legend BallCurrently unavailable.

best bowling ball for two handed bowlers

If you are on a light budget and looking for a cheap product to practice, then this product is not for you. The Hammer Black Widow the best one available, at least one of the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers.

This product is best for professionals and ranges from 12-16lbs in weights. Its gas mask core gives it versatility and backend grip. It is definitely not good for hook bowlers and, thus, is chosen to be one of the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers.

The Hammer Black Widow is not made for amateur or novice players. It is best for heavily oiled surfaces and requires immense practice and patience with time to be unbeatable.

  • Best for pros
  • Hybrid Coverstock
  • Best for heavily oiled surface
  • Expensive
  • Needs practice for perfection
  • Not beginner-friendly
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3. Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling BallCurrently unavailable.

Hammer Vibe Cherry

As far as professional bowlers recommend, Hammer crafts and produce some of the best bowling balls for everyone. However, most of its designs are targeted at pro players themselves, and the right products are designed for beginners or intermediates.

The Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Ball comes with a peal reactive coverstock with 500/2000 abalone to shine your performance onto its sleek design and aesthetic looks. Designed especially for medium to light-oiled lanes, it has a medium flare potential. Thus, the ball needs more spin from the bowler to hit the targeted spins.

Its symmetric core is responsible for the angular backend reaction it returns. Cherry red is the only color option available, which is also very, very shiny, even in medium lighting conditions. Weight options provided do range from 10-16lbs with an 18-20mph recorded average release speed, even when bowled with both hands.

  • Good build quality
  • Polished surface
  • Proper backend reaction
  • Only a one-color option
  • Low average release speed
  • Unfairly overpriced
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4. Motive Venom Cobra Bowling Ball – Currently unavailable.

Motive Venom Cobra

Just like the cobra, this Motive Venom Cobra is highly reactive to the surface with its hybrid reactive coverstock. This product has been built for both straight as well as hook bowlers, even though it has to be one of the best bowling balls for 2 handed bowlers.

Ranging from 12-16lbs, due to its weight, it isn’t shaky and is reasonably priced for its spectacular performance. Offers a better response to friction and doesn’t come pre-drilled – for obvious reasons.

The ball is designed for average oil bowling conditions and, thus, is best for intermediate players.

  • Hybrid Reactive Coverstocktn
  • Responsive and balanced
  • Built for all kinds of players
  • Not many color options
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5. Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball

best storm bowling ball for two handed bowlers

The Storm Tropical Breeze is actually a tropic merch with its reactive hybrid pearl coverstock. The 1500-grit polished surface gives it the traction it is supposed to have on medium-dry lanes. The lightweight asymmetrical core with a higher hook potential helps it to spin and clear out the targeted pins in one go, given that you throw with the highest potential you have.

Listed in the list of best bowling balls for straight bowlers, this Storm Tropical Breeze comes with only two color choices. A black solid and a cherry red. The 4000 grit abrasion gives a polished look you like it for.

A medium flare potential makes it great for medium lanes to play. However, it is weak. The coverstock, its core, and the product itself are weak, with a higher potential to dent and breakage.

  • Capacitor coren
  • Polished surfacen
  • Lightweight core
  • Not-so-good coverstock
  • Weak body
  • Bad build quality
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6. Storm Physix Bowling Ball

best storm bowling ball for two handed bowlers

This is one high-performance ball, unlike the previous one we talked about. It deserves to be placed in the list of one of the best storm bowling ball for two handed bowlers. The Storm Physix Bowling Ball has been designed for heavily oiled lanes with a 3000grit abalone to create early traction. In heavy-oil patterns, it shows a smooth reaction to lanes but is coarse if the lane is dry.

Its NRG hybrid reactive coverstock talks to lanes like they were made for each other, thanks to its craftsmanship design and higher flare potential. Ranging from 12-16 lbs weight options, this ball is good to go for everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals. This is unquestionably one of the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers.

But nothing is perfect. Even this thug has inconsistency with sharp angles. At times when oil breaks down, its breakpoint becomes too smooth. At this point, playing with a perfect bowling ball will also have little to no effect on your performance. As discussed above, this bowling ball lacks any effects on dry conditions. We foresaw those imperfections, but goodness tied me with it.

  • Heavy lane conditions
  • Multiple color options
  • Reactive to oiled lanes
  • Fairly priced
  • Not suitable for dry lane conditions
  • Asymmetric corenInconsistency to sharp angles
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7. Storm Pitch Black – Best Storm Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers

Storm Pitch Black

We are back to Storm, back to the Urethane coverstock. Trust me, and it is worse than any good. The 1000-grit pad makes it shiny and smooth. But only for light-oiled lane conditions. The symmetrical capacitor core offers a powerful pin impact with the bowler bowls the ball, driving it to be one of the best storm bowling balls for two handed bowlers.

Only one single color option bares players to go for this bowling ball, but it is itself a great choice to select the pitch-black color. Its performance depends solely upon friction and dry lane conditions. A lighter-oiled lane can actually affect its core performance, like anything.

Provided weight options range from 12-16lbs and a 1-year warranty, which is extensible. It offers medium flare potential for the provided lane-condition options.

  • Pitch black is beautiful
  • Capacitor Coren
  • Smooth and polished
  • Only a one-color option
  • Depends on frictions
  • Only 1year warranty
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8. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

With too many colors to choose from, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball is excellent to go for medium-dry lane conditions. Its reactive resin pearl coverstock protects the ball from dents and performance losses. The 1500grit polishing helps in the more excellent holding of the ball and greater traction on the surfaces.

It offers weight options ranging from 6-16lbs but doesn’t come pre-drilled. However, drilling options are available. It is good because not everyone has the same hand or finger sizes. If your ball is the type you can play comfortably with, there is nothing wrong with having it drilled after it has been bought and used for some days.

Being one of the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers, it is suitable for all aged bowlers and is everyone’s choice. But when sellers say “Real look may vary from the picture,” they actually mean it. 

  • Too many color options
  • Drilling options available
  • Good build quality
  • Product may look different from the picturen
  • Not made for everyone
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9. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for two handed bowlers

The Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball offers a solid reactive coverstock with GPS Navigation enabled. Thanks to the 2000grit abalone, which helps in a firm hold and traction on medium-oiled lane conditions. The polished finish gives the bowling ball the looks that attract a professional as well as a beginner bowler.

Offering weight options from 12-16lbs, it has a very high hook potential. And similarly, it has a higher flare potential to spin the ball even in heavily oiled lane conditions.

It offers a 2-year warranty, which is extensible. The ball itself is highly stable. You won’t call it a mass chunk of plastic because it is not. The symmetric core outperforms other core types when it comes to traction and pirouette and just turns it into one of the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers.

  • Highly stablen
  • GPS Navigationn
  • Great performance
  • Only one-color options
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10. Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for two handed bowlers

The Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball veils under a solid reactive coverstock polished with a 500/1500 sea air micro pad. It offers a better-polished look and does not depend upon friction to work correctly.

Its asymmetric core is responsible for offering better traction even in heavily oiled lane conditions. It has high flare potential, and it is one of the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers. Dry lanes make this ball inconsistent.

The manufacturer offers a 1year warranty on the product, which is extensible, but the ball offers no smooth bounce or rides. It also offers 3 colors to choose from but only one single weight option, 12 lbs.

  • Tri-color optionsn
  • Polished and aesthetic
  • Inconsistent performancenInconsistent
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How Do I Choose the Best Bowling Ball For Two Handed Bowlers?

Choosing the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers to gain optimum performance requires a bit of scrutiny before buying one. Few points to notice can offer likely the best possibility to choose the bowling ball:

The Coverstock Type

  • Coverstock is the outer material of your ball.
  • Most straight-hand bowlers prefer pearl hybrid reactive coverstock because of the traction they are known to offer.

Your Ideal Ball Weight

  • Ideal bowling ball weight is 10% of your entire body weight or 2-4lbs less than your home bowling ball.
  • More or less can either provide discomfort, injury, and hurdles or can be less impactful after throwing.
  • Most balls for two-handed bowlers come at a range of 12-16 lbs. Try not to choose beyond.
  • Try to play comfortably yet hustle for success.

Polishing Brawn and others

  • The higher the grit, the more its aesthetic looks.
  • It also offers better traction and a firm hold while playing.
  • Ensure that your lanes and balls fit your player level.
  • As much as the variety of the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers matters, your apparel matter too.


The bowling ball is definitely the most crucial part of this game. Yet, your attention, your apparel, skills, and enactment play a lot of the roles that your ball can just be a part of. Enacting on various types of lanes, balls, and surfaces enhances your core impersonations and portrayals, and choosing the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers becomes worth it.


What is two-handed bowling?

Two-handed bowling is a style of bowling where the bowler uses both hands to deliver the ball instead of the traditional one-handed approach.

Why do two-handed bowlers need a specific type of bowling ball?

Two-handed bowlers require a bowling ball that can handle the unique release and motion of their delivery. A ball with the proper weight, surface texture, and core design can help two-handed bowlers achieve a more consistent and powerful role.

Where can I purchase a bowling ball for two-handed bowlers?

You can purchase a bowling ball for two-handed bowlers from most sporting goods stores, bowling pro shops, or online retailers such as Amazon.