Best Bowling Ball For High Speed Low Rev of 2023

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We all know that high-speed, low rev bowling balls are a must for people looking to bowl pins quickly. However if you want the best of both worlds then this is where we get things started!

Low rev players create minimum or little amounts of friction or traction with the bowling ball on the lane. They are also known as Rev challenged players. Folks who use low rev are generally used around 200 RPM per shout. However, the rate can be various.

Typically, people who play with low rev have a low-speed ball which tends to take more time to hook initially. But, the question is how low rev players can play with high speed?

The answer is simple, pick a ball with high speed and help you to throw the ball firmly. But, in the market, there is an enormous ball option available so, we’ve created a list of the best bowling ball for a high speed low that helps you to find the best ball according to your need.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball For High Speed Low Rev:

When you are looking for the best bowling ball for your high-speed, low-rev game, you want to find one that will give you the ultimate experience.

You want a ball that is specifically designed for this type of game and that has all the right features to help you achieve your best scores. The good news is that there are plenty of great options out there. To help you narrow down your choices, we have put together a list of the best bowling balls for high speed low rev games.

1. Storm Hy-Road – Best Bowling Ball For High Speed Low Rev

Storm Hy-Road

Hy-Road Storm uses a similar core to Solid and Pearl T-Roads. R2S is still the cover, but rather than a pearl or a solid, this Storm’s cover has a mixed-color design. It’s one of their best hybrids to date. As a result of its consistent and predictable shape, the Hy-Road constantly reads the lane. Despite easy length on medium-dry conditions and a strong, constant breakpoint, the 1500 grit polished finish is durable even in moist or highly oily conditions.

The Storm Hy-Road is distinguished by the R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock. The company’s vast catalog of cover papers is comprised of the most durable and efficient 50/50 pearl and solid cover stock. A reactive masterpiece has been created by the Storm team and they’ve done it well.

Asymmetrical core design with Inverted Fe2 Technology makes the ball a dream for bowlers who bowl lower revs and at high speeds. In the low rev range, this ball offers some benefits other balls don’t.

  • Effective across a wide variety of different oil patterns and densitiesnAmazing back end reaction nEvery time powerful shotn
  • Not great for extremely dry or extremely wet lanes
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2. Hammer Black Widow

best bowling ball for high speed low rev

A legacy of hard-hitting bowling balls has been built by the Hammer Black Widow series and the new Hammer Black Widow Legend underlines this legacy.

The Hammer Black Widow Legend won’t disappoint Hammer Black Widow purists who adored the first game in the company’s wildly successful series. Considering the overall mystique and hitting power of the original, the Hammer Black Widow Legend is the closest to replicating both.

In the same way as the original, Hammer’s Black Widow Legend cuts through fronts easily before delivering a powerful backend finish that continues onto the back wall. The ball handles a variety of different oil patterns with no problem and maintains its overall efficacy and reactivity.

This cover stock was the same as used on the NBT Reactive Hybrid for Hammer Black Widow Legend. This is one of the ultimate hook-heavy rides that stores up energy for a big back-end crash.

  • Amazing NBT Reactive Hybrid Cover Stock nFeatures Fas mas asymmetrical core n100 Grit finish n
  • Not ideal when you play higher rev style on dry lane
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3. Roto Grip Idol Pro

Roto Grip Idol Pro

This is the third Idol that Roto Grip has released in their HP3 line. A new eTrax-S19 compound is used for this ball, which is a reactive solid cover with no nanoparticle additives. The MicroTrax-S18 compound used on the original Halo and Idol has the same properties as this new compound.

Aside from the change to the coverstock, the factory finishing process represents another major change. Using scuff pads of approximately 3000 grit, the Idol Pro produces a sheen finish of 3000 grit from polishing the cover.

As with the Idol and Idol Pearl, this ball has a symmetrical Ikon core shape, giving it an RGA of 2.49′′ and a differential of 0.052′′.

The Ikon Core is located inside. HP3’s high-difference symmetrical core is the best we have ever offered in a low RG, high-difference design. The flare and continuation it provides are excellent.

The cover of the eTrax-S19 features a solid design. Our goal was to create more traction without reading the lane too quickly through this formulation created over the last few months. It was factory polished, scuffed with 3000, and then boxed with a Sheen finish.

Roto Grip Idol Pro is the top-notch choice when you look for the best bowling ball for high speed low rev.

  • Dice easily on long patterns nCore add consistency in its variability and angularity nWorks well on a variety of oil lane n
  • Average hook potential
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4. Michelin Strom AstroPhysiX

best bowling ball for high speed low rev

The new version of Astrophysix marks a significant upgrade to its predecessor, Physix. The coverstock is the first thing we should discuss. With the Astrophysix, R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock is used with a 1500 Grit Polished box finish (factory finish). I think that it is very similar to the coverstock Storm used on the Hy-Road Pearl and the IQ Emerald. The R2S coverstock is best at resisting friction, according to Storm.

Polishing reactive pearl coverstocks makes them look their best. On oil lane patterns, it helps the ball roll smoothly. The ball never forgets to checkmark to the left when it encounters friction. Rather than rolling out, this mighty Astrophysix bowling ball will help your ball stay on track downline.

The Astrophysix also features asymmetrical Atomic Cores, like the Storm Physix. However, it has a low RG rating (2.48) and a high differential punch (0.05). A ball’s reaction is primarily determined by the coverstock. It is the core that generates both the dynamic shape and ball motion.

Creating a powerful hook with this Atomic core is very easy. When combined with heavier oil and a complete knockout, this factor retains energy. However, despite having a very strong core, these shoes are designed to give you a comfortable reaction during play.

  • Adaptable and versatile nRobust hook ability nSteady move n
  • Average hook potential
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5. Pyramid Blood Moon – Best Bowling Ball For High Speed Low Rev

Pyramid Blood Moon

The Blood Moon Rising bowling ball’s core is the same one that powers the Divergent Path series of bowling balls. Due to its medium differential ratio and low RG make-up, this core is capable of offering outstanding mid-lane read and a strong, yet manageable backend motion.

In addition to the Blood Moon Rising coverstock, Pyramid’s GPS Navigational Hybrid coverstock is one of the most successful hybrids in its history. The Dark Path featured the first of these covers, providing one of the most predictably responsive and versatile ball reactions.

  • Excellent choice for beginner nAmazing performancenIdeal for various lane conditions n
  • Expensive
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6. Storm Super Soniq

best bowling ball for high speed low rev

Strom Super Soniq is another great choice for the best bowling ball for high speed low rev.

Powered by the same Centripetal HD core used in Storm’s original SonIQ bowling ball, the Super SonIQ is the latest addition to Storm’s Master line of bowling balls.

The NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock is pre-finished with a 3000 Abralon finish, which comes out of the box with the low RG, medium-high differential symmetrical core. The box and cover finishes are similar to those used on the PhysiX recently.

PhysiX is just under the Super SonIQ in total hook because of its lower differential. The ball performed well across most of our test patterns.

On a heavy oil test pattern, its NRG Hybrid coverstock provided plenty of traction through the oil due to its moderate amount of track flare.

  • Dual drive core nExcellent choice for skilled players nHigh reaction n
  • Not ideal for dry lanes
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7. Storm !Q Tour Emerald

Storm !Q Tour Emerald

With a beautiful color scheme of emerald green, here’s another pearlized IQ Tour. A gold-colored version of this golf ball was made into the IQ Tour Pearl which only differed in color.

The original gold ball uses the same C3 Centripetal Control Core, along with one of the most successful coverstocks in bowling history, R2S Pearl. The box finish is the standard 1500 grit with polish, which allows for strong friction and length.

There is no abrupt change of direction with this ball’s length. However, its continuation was excellent on the back end as well as through the pin deck.

This ball performed the best on our medium oil test pattern because of its smooth core and polished cover.

  • Great hooknExtremely smooth ball motion nPerfect bowling ball for heavy oil n
  • Need continuous cleaning
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8. Columbia 300 The Beast

best bowling ball for high speed low rev

As part of Columbia 300’s, The Beast will be a new addition. In the medium to heavy oiled lanes, this all-black bowling ball provides touch and spin while creating friction with the lane. The Exciter Solid coverstock is combined with The Beast core to achieve this reaction.

The Beast pictured earlier this year use the same symmetrical weight block for 2.48 inches of RG and 0.054 inches of differential. It uses the Exciter coverstock in a solid form.

It is one of the few reactive solids available on the market that is polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish after being finished with 500/1000 Abralon. Because it has a glossier surface finish, The Beast has a longer length and a stronger response of the dry than the previous Beast.

  • More coverage and versatility than a normal flip ballnStrong and very durable built nBudget-friendlynSleek and minimalistic design n
  • Not recommended for high-speed bowlers
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9. Pyramid Path Rising

Pyramid Path Rising

With 9 colors to choose from, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Balls are designed for bowlers of all skill levels. There is a good range of choices for everyone who wants to play with this ball.

Several color options are available for choosing, as well as several sizes. Depending on how comfortable it is for you, you can choose the size. All Pyramid Path Bowling Balls in the Rising Pearl series can be purchased in 6 lbs, the lowest size available. A 16lbs version of the ball is suitable for people who love heavy balls.

It is an extremely versatile bowling ball. Its variety of drilling options never ceases to amaze me. A strong backend allows you to drill a ball. The bowling ball will cover your whole body if you go long or hit hard.

The New Era 139 core is the key to such a combination. There are many drilling options available because of the core.

Aside from that, the ball can be played by anyone of any age. It is possible to play effortlessly regardless of skill level.

  • Perfect for beginner nUnique and durable design nBest for dry lanes n
  • Not all color option is elegant
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10. DV8 Verge – Best Bowling Ball For High Speed Low Rev

best bowling ball for high speed low rev

DV8 core has been redesigned for Verge. Designed with a medium-high differential symmetry, the Threshold core has a low RG. As previously used on the Instigator, it pairs with the Inciter Solid cover. When out of the box, the Verge has a rough 360/500/2000 finish. This ball spins strongly off the hand of the bowler due to the low RG core and dull coverstock. On the heavy oil test pattern, this ball worked well because of its design.

This bowling ball has decent traction on any type of lane surface due to its Inciter Pearl Reactive coverstock. This bowling ball comes with Threshold’s core for both power and back end, plus impressive length. As a result, the ball is also very durable thanks to the blend.

DynamiCore technology is used to create the core. Bowling ball flare potential and backend reaction are moderate with the symmetrical core’s low RG and medium differential. In terms of strength, precision, and longevity, a bowling ball is a remarkable form of play.

  • Get easy control over your ball motion
  • Produce a strong backend motion on the lanes
  • Gain better flare potential with this ball
  • Bowl with more precision and consistency
  • Costly
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What is the best bowling ball for high-speed low rev players?

There is no definitive answer, as different players have different preferences. However, some bowling balls are designed to be more suitable for high-speed low rev players than others. Some of the best options include the Storm Timeless and the Brunswick Quantum Bias.

How do I choose a bowling ball for high-speed low rev players?

When choosing a bowling ball for high-speed low rev players, it is important to consider the type of lane conditions you will be playing on. If you are going to be playing on dry lanes, you will need a ball that has a strong backend reaction. If you are going to be playing on oily lanes, you will need a ball that hooks more.

What are the benefits of using a high-speed low rev bowling ball?

There are several benefits of using a high-speed low rev bowling ball. First, it can help you control your ball speed better. Second, it can help you create more hooks on the ball. Lastly, it can help you increase your strike percentage.

What are the drawbacks of using a high-speed low rev bowling ball?

One drawback of using a high-speed low rev bowling ball is that it can be difficult to control. The high speed can make the ball difficult to control on your approach, and the low revs can cause the ball to hook more than you may like. Additionally, high-speed low rev bowling balls can be more expensive than other types of bowling balls.

Final Words:

Now it’s time to put an end to our list of the best bowling ball for high speed low rev of 2023. All balls in our list come with durable designs and give a remarkable performance during any lane condition.