How To Increase Bowling Ball Speed?

So today we’re going to talk about how to increase bowling ball speed in the most efficient ways.

So an increase in ball speed, I think it’s easy for one to think that we need to use our upper body and really try to muscle the ball down the lane to try to make it go faster. And that really isn’t the most efficient way to do that. We want to work on today is using our legs to increase ball speed instead of our upper body. We want to try to generate more tempo and more energy, go into the line.

how to increase bowling ball speed

That way that energy can be transferred into more ball speed. So the first thing we want to do is I take a five-step approach for you.

How To Increase Bowling Ball Speed in Five-Step Approach?

Take five or four. It’s the same concept. So what I want to do, if I normally start at the dots, I want to cover a larger distance with the same amount of steps.

That way I have to use a faster tempo to make up for that distance. So if I normally stand right behind the dots here, if I want to throw it faster, just simply move about six to 12 inches back from where you stand. So for me, this is pretty comfortable. Now I have a larger distance in front of me with the same amount of steps. I’m going to have to increase my tempo to get to the line properly. 

So I normally stand right, right behind the dots as well. This is my comfort zone. This is where I normally stand. Some take about six inches back, OK?

And I’m going to keep everything the same except my tempo. I’m going to want to increase the feet the or the speed of my feet.

Let’s see. Oh, nice balance. Oh, OK. I fell off a little bit, but it’s the first time doing its kind of easy to fall off because it doesn’t seem like you’re moving a whole lot back.

But once you get in, like the second and third step, your brain realizes that you are indeed farther away, which is where the tempo comes in and it just allows you to increase your tempo without potentially going over the phone.

And he was a little cold there, guys. So that will give you a little stiff relax in that. But it’s important to know that we’re not sprinting to the line by any means. We’re just trying to make a conscious effort to increase our tempo a bit to generate more ball speed. Exactly. And also, I can’t tell you exactly the correct way to do this, but you may have to mess around with the positioning of where you hold it.

Some of you may have to hold a little higher to keep everything in timing. So you may find balance in holding it a little bit lower. Yeah, I can’t tell you there’s not a right or wrong way, but if you are working on this in practice, give this some thought.

Maybe holding a little higher might help you holding. All right. Yeah, absolutely.

You know, we want to really try to match the speed of the swing to the speed of the feet. You know, we don’t really want one really delayed behind the other or one a lot faster than the other. So, yeah, everyone’s timing is different, guys. So fine mess around with that. Mess around with the ball placement and figure out what feels best for you when trying to scoot back on the approach. All right. Thanks for watching the video.

And remember, if you’re looking to pick up your ball speed, try and do less with the upper body and more with the feet and increasing the tempo of the feet and increasing the amount of space you use on the approach can really help. And if you find yourself a little bit off balance or your timing’s a hair off, remember, play around with the ball placement. I can’t tell you which one is right, but make sure you try and find the right one for you.

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