Best Bowling Shoes With Interchangeable Soles Of 2021

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Today, It has been almost seven years since our team of experts have been doing research on shoes which have the best interchangeable soles. To give you a brief idea of what impact does an interchangeable shoe have on you, let me give you, my example. Some years back, When I bought the shoes which didn’t had interchangeable soles – I was pretty ignorant. Those shoes endured in a few months. Then, I was focused to have durable shoes with all the characteristics. After a detailed search, I got my answer in the form of these best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles. So, me and my group of researchers have listed some of the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles for you.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Shoes With Interchangeable Soles:

We have enlisted the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these shoes with endless features.

1. Pyramid Men’s HPX High-Performance

Pyramid Men’s HPX High-Performance

The first option in the list defeats all the rest interchangeable soles bowling shoes. These shoes will provide you the best characteristics, which will assist you to perform better in the game. Features such as design of the shoe, material used in it, and price differentiate this bowling ball. Moreover, the relief that this pair of shoes will provide will cross your expectation.


  • Have Interchangeable sole
  • Basically for “right-hand” player
  • Rubber made heel
  • “Microfiber slide sole.”
  • Color laces
  • Brilliant design
  • Warmer Outer sole
  • Sole can be customized

Rubber Heel:

The shoes have the “rubber” heel that provides you reduced weight shoes. Ultimately, you will have an easy and increased performance game.

Microfiber Slide Sole:

Apart from the rubber heel, the shoes have a microfiber slide sole. The microfiber shoes increases the slide which makes it more favourable by the bowlers.

Color Lace:

The laces in the shoes will assist you tie the shoes quickly. When the shoes perfectly fit, they increase your confidence in the game.

  • Slide is controllednLong lastingnEasy and simple designnFor varied level skillsnIdeal pricen
  • No warrantynNot leather outer soles
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2. Dexter Men’s SST 6 Hybrid Bowling Shoes

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

These shoes with interchangeable soles have a made to fit feature, which will let you to have the shoes with a decreased size sole. This pair of shoes is the best in the market which has satisfied many buyers who needed the bowling shoes with interchangeable. The sturdy of this pair of shoes is guaranteed because it has a leather outer sole. 


  • Made to fit feature
  • outer sole of Nylon
  • Sole made up of Leather
  • Interchangeable sole
  • Lace tie
  • Have the best Slide
  • For Varied levels’ player
  • Tight fit
  • Best quality

Perfect Fit:

Because the shoes have laces, they fit perfectly. You will feel assured that it will boost the performance in the game.

Leather Outer Sole:

The Leather outer sole in this shoe assures the durability of the shoes. Moreover, the soles will keep the feet warm.

Supreme Quality:

The outer leather sole is the assurance of the premium quality, but all the characteristics have the best quality technology.

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3. 900 Global Sport Ultra Bowling Shoes

900 Global Sport Ultra

Every bowler wants to be at ease and self-assured in their game. This pair of shoes will provide you the needful. The interchangeable sole lets you to utilize the shoes for every hand player. The leather material used in the shoes is made from cowhide, which is consider one of the best leathers. Moreover, the features given-below will provide you the information to appreciate the worth of this shoe.


  • Leather made up from cowhide
  • Harden’s toe
  • For the both hand
  • Best Leather material
  • Classic traction
  • Spacious room inside the shoe
  • Comfortable

Cowhide Leather:

The leather used in this pair of shoes is the assurance of the sturdy of the shoes. Moreover, the outer material will hold back the shoes useful and any season.

Spacious Room:

It’s not too tight nor too loose, this shoes fits you perfectly based on your feet size. 

  • Great performancenEasily AffordablenLong-lastingn
  • A little heavynNo warrantyn
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4. Dexter Men’s SST The 9 Bowling Shoes

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

Whether you are a noobie or expert bowler, the slide of this pair of shoes retains you safe in every match. Despite having the leather outer sole, the weight of this shoe is not annoying because the shoes feel a lot light in the game.


  • Interchangeable slide
  • Sole’s Traction
  • Leather used as material
  • Flexibility
  • Side sole made of rubber
  • Perfect fit

Sole’s Traction:

The shoe assists you with a traction sole, which boosts the control in the slide. And due to this, you will not stumble at any point of the game.

Leather Material:

The leather material used in the shoe assures the sturdy of the shoes, despite not having a warranty. Moreover, the outer sole keeps the feet warm and cozy.

  • Suitable for varied skill levelnDurablenPerfect fitnEasily Affordablen
  • No warrantynNot Light-weightedn
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5. MICHELIN Storm Men’s SP702 Bowling Shoes


In every Field, this shoe won the top performance in the market. That is why, this pair of shoes is Highly demanded in the market. Moreover, Due to the latest and fashionable design of the shoes, the pair is famous among the youth. The sole made of microfiber, rubber side sole, Supreme quality material, and Latest features make the shoes’ demand high.


  • Tooth heel
  • Interchangeable sole and heel
  • Best quality material
  • Significant performance
  • Updated design
  • Microfiber sole
  • Outer sole made of rubber
  • Spacious room
  • For both left- and right-hand playernSupreme slidenGreat performancenPerfect fitnPadded collarn
  • CostlynNot Long-lastingn
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6. KR Strike force Aviator – Best Bowling Shoes With Interchangeable Soles

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

This pair of shoes provides the enjoyable game, great performance, and makes you safe from all the injuries. This Highly demanded pair of shoes is also light-weighted that will make you play easily without any difficulties. Moreover, only with the assistance of this shoe you can play longer than you normally play.


  • Slide sole of microfiber
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Interchangeable sole and heel
  • Supreme comfort 
  • Mainly Designed for men
  • Rubber Outer and side sole
  • Cosy feelnControllable slidenSignificant slidenEasy to purchasenLong-lastingn
  • No leathern
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7. Pyramid Men’s HPX Bowling Shoes

Pyramid Men’s HPX

This Splendid pair of shoes provides you with all the basic features required which lets you to have the best time of your life! With an ultimately firm design, this shoe features two soles – Microfiber slide sole and T03 traction sole. Both of the soles are perfectly attached to the shoes. So please tell us why it can’t be considered as the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles?

On the other hand, you will also be provided with an H5 graduated rubber heel and one shark tooth heel attached gently to the shoes. If you want to customize, you will be receiving alternately coloured laces.


  • Specially designed for bowler who are right-handed,
  • Quality of construction and materials are pretty high
  • Thermal polyurethane outsole for Long lasting.
  • Latest H-Bar technology keeps heel into place
  • Also provides you alternate set of Shoelaces
  • Gentle and long-lasting full-grain leather constructed uppersnSupreme quality laces and interchangeable solesnThis shoe comes with the patented H-bar technThe design of the shoes feels you comfortable on the feet. n
  • A few buyers claimed that the shoes sometimes feels slightly loose around the ankles. n
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8. 900 Global Sport Bowling Shoes

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

If you want to spend your money on such a thing that is a tad bit fashionable than the previous shoes, then this shoe is the one you should invest on.

This pair of shoes have been designed with only the supreme quality cowhide leather; thus, you can imagine just how hard and durable the shoes really are. The material used for making the shoe, makes this pair long-lasting to premature wear and tear, no matter how many times you make use them.

But, do note that this shoe is only suitable for right-handed bowlers. The shoes is designed with 3 different interchangeable slides as well as heels.

  • Different and varied pair of bowling shoesnThis pair of shoes are designed with different and rare types of slides and heels.nBecause both of the heels and soles are interchangeable, it allows you to customize as you wantnSolid and very Long-lasting cowhide leather uppersnTop quality rubber toe caps help you to protect your feet.n
  • Quite Costly.n
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9. Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes

Dexter Men’s

Designed With 15 different colors, these bowling shoes equipped with interchangeable soles are manufactured with really soft and smooth synthetic material. That’s why the experts also consider it as the bowling shoes for men.

Along with the soles of the shoes, the heels in the shoe are also interchangeable, thus, it allows users to customize the shoe however they want to.

The shoe is designed for bowler’s ease, comfort and convenience, this pair of shoes are manufactured with top-notch quality thermal polyurethane material blended with a soft mesh material upper.

Moreover, there is also a strobe-like design on the sides of the shoes, which is meant to assist more flexibility to your feet during the game.

  • Gentle and durable mesh uppers will ensure your feet feel comfortable all day long, without the process of building up sweat inside the shoenAn upraised heel and crus design.n
  • Unfortunately, these shoes are quite expensive.n
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10. Dexter SST 6 Bowling Shoes

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

With a span of different sizes to select from, these pair of the best bowling shoes with replaceable soles is manufactured with only the premium quality leather material. To name some of its features, the uppers of the shoes are manufactured with nylon material.

Dexter is famous for always prioritizing customers’ safety and convenience before anything else. These shoes manifest that statement correct! 

To help users with a superior fit all throughout the day, these best bowling shoes introduced the toe to upper lace design, so that you can easily customize the fit however you want.

This pair of shoes will be introduced to you with an H5 saw-tooth heel and S8 slide sole kept on a slide shoe, as well as a patented H2 ultra brakz heel kept on top of a push-off shoe.

You will also discover an S6 sole and H7 heel with the package. For your comfort, the designer of the shoe also incorporated a lightweight poly-bag to carry the shoes wherever you travel.

Because of the tough toe protector introduced inside the shoes, you can comfortably wear the pair on slippery bowling alleys as no outer impact can injure your feet.

  • Premium quality full grain leather material used for making the shoesnhard and Long-lasting nylon uppersnThe uppers of the shoes are also familiar to be really breathable; thus, your feet will not begin to sweat or smell bad.nHard and long-lasting rubber outsolenComfortable and roomyn
  • These shoes are not too expensive.n
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Advantages of Best Bowling Shoes With Interchangeable Soles:

The interchangeable soles make a significant difference. What are these advantages? If you had been utilizing the “bowling shoes,” which did not give you the interchangeable benefit, it would be of less significant to you. However, someone who first used the bowler shoes without interchangeable soles and then brought the interchangeable sole’s shoes will be able to tell you the advantages in a detailed manner. Some such details are given below. Let’s start.

If you want a pair of shoes for the person who is “right” handed, you don’t need shoes with an interchangeable sole. But, in case you need shoes for both hand players, then interchangeable soles are what you need. It is only because of this fact, “bowling alley” usually has bowling shoes with interchangeable soles.

Again, just think a couple of people in your home playing bowling ball. They wear the best bowling shoes of the same size but are different hand player. Now, in such situation, if you have the shoes with interchangeable soles, it will cost you less; therefore, in other words, it is economically to have the interchangeable sole shoes.


So, that it from us, we hope this article helped you to find the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles that you are looking for.

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