Best Bowling Ball For Thumbless Bowlers of 2023

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Bowlers without thumbs have been using creative methods to grip the bowling ball for years. Some use a glove, some use a modified bowling ball grip, and others just hold on for dear life. But what is the best bowling ball for those without thumbs? We did some research and came up with our top three picks. Check it out!

There are many ways to do bowling with commonly used traditional methods or building on your own. Most people prefer a method that best suited to their hands and throws the bowl easily in right place. 

Many folks find it easy to through a ball without a thumb. The thumbless bowling method is hard, but once you master it you gonna enhance your performance ridiculously. 

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Thumbless Bowlers:

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers you can find today. 

1. Hammer Rip’d Pearl

Hammer Rip’d Pearl

Hammer Rip’d Peral is our first choice for Best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers. This incredible design bowling ball is easy to carry and grips are so smooth that lets you easily throw ball without putting so much pressure on your fingers or wrist. 

The ball comes with 21.336 L X 22.86 W X 23.622 H Dimensions and weighs around 7.5 Kg. It’s a great option for anyone who uses a thumbless bowling ball. The design of the ball is beautiful and sturdy that stays with you for a long time. 

When you throw the ball its maintains control of the lane even if you don’t have much experience. It packs with a durable 3000 grit finish and can easily use on medium oil lanes. One thing that we liked most about this ball is its durable carbon-fiber core which is well designed and takes hits without any break. 

  • Comes with a three-year warrantynAggressive pearl coverstock nSmooth grip and beautiful design
  • Not ideal choice for beginner bowlersn

2. Hammer Black Widow

best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers

Hammer Black Widow is an anticipated and sturdier product than its predecessor. The 2.0 version of the bowling ball comes with black and red colors that just look astonishing and enhances the beauty of your lane. 

The good design shape and new performance of Black widow perfectly suited to a modern lane and even the most advanced one. Further, the ball provides plenty of traction on medium to heavy oil conditions and produces a massive continuous ball motion that results in a great score. 

Moving to the core, Hammer Black Widows equipped with the Gas Mask Core which is the same as the original one. The Gas Mask Core equipped with a carbon fiber outer that provides an amazing level of durability and power.

Hammer Black Widows uses the aggression solid that is finished with a 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair finish. The ball can be hard in your wrest at the start but once you practice 15-20 games, you’ll start to adjust the grip and start to score higher. 

Hammer Black Widow has a weight of 15 pounds. In our experience, It is a great choice for medium to high oil and you don’t need to wipe oil every time, because these types of the ball need oil for the lane reaction. 

  • Well balanced and beautiful nGood for medium to heavy oil nGreat aggression
  • Curves a lot

3. Pyramid Antidote Ball – Best Bowling Ball for Thumbless Bowlers 

Pyramid Antidote Ball

The Pyramid is a widely known bowling ball brand which is founded by bowlers like us to provides high-quality balls and affordable prices. 

The Pyramid Antidote Ball comes with New Era 149 Symmetric core, 2.55 RG, 0.054 differential medium flare potential. It has GPS navigational Solid coverstock with 2000 grist Abralon and factory polish finish. 

The ball offers the best solution for medium to heavy oil on the lane and the core gives the best result possible. The Antidode ball gives a stronger, reliable, earlier, and smooth reaction compare to Pathogen. 

It has a dimension of 0.054 and weighs around 13 pounds. However, Pyramid offers 5 different types of ball; 12 pounds, 13 pounds, 14 pounds, 15 pounds, and 16 pounds. For beginners, 12 pound balls would be a great choice and for experienced 16 pounds would be the top choice. 

Keep in mind that to master the craft of this bowling, you’ll need to have some practice with this ball in order to earn more scores. 

With versatile drilling options for versatile bowling styles, the Pyramid Antidote ball is really the best choice for the best bowling ball for Thumbless Bowlers. 

  • Comes with two years of warrantynPerfect scale rating nGive smooth and strong throw nTop choice for bowlers who need a straight shot
  • Leave lot of splits n

4. Pyramid Path Ball 

best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers

Pyramid always manufactures great products and this is our second Pyramid Ball choice on our list. The Pyramid Path Ball comes with a polyester design and ideal choice for all ages and skill levels. 

The ball comes in 16 different colors and choices whichever best suited to your need. It has a weight of 10 pounds and easily throws without hurting your wrest or fingers. 

Pyramid Path Ball is an incredible choice for new bowlers who want to try out new skills on the lane and looking for the best bowl. Further, if a beginner wants to practice bowling without a thumb then it’s a wonderful choice. 

The ball is a scale rating of 5.0 and also comes with two years of manufacturing warranty from the manufacturer. Speaking about ball design, it looks pleasant in hands and adapts the quite durable design, and it’s pretty resistant from cracking and breaking. 

  • Ideal choice for both beginner and advanced bowlersnPerfect scale rating nSturdy polyester coverstock is great for straights shots
  • Not great for curve n

5. DV 8 Alley Cat

DV 8 Alley Cat

DV 8 Alley Cat comes with deception pearl cover stock that helps ball through the front part of the lane. The Sleep polyester coverstock of the ball is an incredible choice for bowlers who do bowling on a wood lane.

The pancake offers a variety of control over throwing and helps beginners who have just started their bowling without a thumb. DV 8 Alley Cat blow has a smooth and very attractive finish that feels really awesome on hands. 

The ball weighs around 14 Lb and you can also opt for other options as well. It can be used on various lane conditions and gives the same performance as always. 

One thing to clear that the ball is not great for heavy oil because it can easily slip from the lane and you can lose score.

  • Suitable for any types of lane nPlenty of control nIncredible choice for beginner
  • Not great for heavy oil

6. Storm Drive Ball – Best Bowling Ball for Thumbless Bowlers

best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers

Storm Drive Ball comes in three different colors gold, Navy, and Red Hybrid. Gold and Navy looks just fine, but Red Hybrid looks just fantastic. The ball features a new Hexicon Cover and a dual-density weight block that perfectly fits on any type of lane. 

Storm Drive ball used the R2S Nano Hybrid Coverstock that is designed to handle more oil at the heads and at the completion of the pattern. The dual drive of the ball offers a great entry angle and eight blocks within a weight block. 

Further, The ball gives plenty of fast-revving action as well as great energy transmission. Storm Drive ball finished with a 3000 grit abralon. 

To sum up, the Storm drive ball gives phenomenal carry and power on medium and heavy oil lanes. 

  • Features R2S Nano Hybrid Coverstock nEasily handles oil at the headnComes with a dual drive core nGreat energy transmission
  • Take great practice to through ball easily

7. Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino Bowl features 16 reactive cover stock for easy length and hooks motion without extreme sensitivity to the dry and oily parts of the lane. The ball combined with the traditional light bulb core shape and delivers astonishing ball motion and impressive pin action for more sticks and higher scores. 

The ball has a dimension of 9.5 X 8.9 X 8.4 inches and weighs around 10 pounds. The best part about this ball is that it is an incredible choice for both right and left bowlers and gives amazing performance to score higher. 

If you are completely a beginner in bowling then Brunswick Rhino is a great choice to starts with. The ball can be used as a hook ball, as long as you get finger holes drilled in the right places. 

Brunswick Rhino is designed to work on dry to medium lanes, so it’s not great for lanes with heavy oil. However, if the bowler has low speed then the ball can work on oily conditioning by adjusting the cover stock. 

  • Ideal for both handed bowlers nDesigned for dry and medium lanes nBest ball for completely beginner bowlers
  • Not durable nNot designed for heavy oil

8. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space 

best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers

If you’re looking for really affordable but durable balls for the best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers then Brunswick Tzope Deep Space is surely a product to look for. 

It offers two coverstock; plastic and polyester both are durable, sturdy, and stay with you for a long time. The ball has a high gloss polish finish. 

The best part about this ball is that it comes with a deep space design and offers different colors to choose from. Speaking about ball dimension it designed with 9.02 X 7.99 X 7.99 Inches and has a weight of 6 pounds. At this weight, you can easily throw balls on a lane, and even its great choice for children. 

The ball doesn’t come with a finger hole, so if you need holes, you’ve to spend extra dollars for it. Further, the ball is not a hooking ball it is considered as a spare ball because it will go straight. 

  • Good for beginner and children nGlittery and astonishing design nEasy to handle and carry
  • Sometimes it cracks nNo finger holes

9. Motiv Venom Shock

Motiv Venom Shock

Motiv Venom Shock is a beautiful-looking and affordable thumbless ball that offers incredible performance on the lance. It pairs with the Gear Weight block along with the Turmoil MFS reactive coverstock from the covert revolt to produce a smooth but angular-backed motion that continues through the pins. 

The design of the ball is well crafted and delivers shocking results in light to medium oil conditions. It has 4000 finish and 0.34 hook. The ball is perfect for dry medium oil lane and even some heavy oil usage with careful grip. 

To be clear, Motiv Venom Shock is not ideal for beginners are those who have zero experience in bowling. It slows down sometimes and gripping is quite hard to master, so if you novich we recommend to go other products on our list. 

  • Best bang for the buck nAfforable and durable nLooks fantastic on the lane
  • Not for beginner

10. Radical Conspiracy Theory

best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers

Radical Conspiracy theory ball comes with a dimension of 21.59 cm L X 21.59 cm W X 25.4 cm H. It has a weight of 6.78 kg. 

The ball features core improvements and dynamic ore along with newly designed cover stock technology. Further, the new TP-1 cover is a textured pearl cover stock and allows the ball to pick up a heavy roll like a solid and have a big backed recovery like a pearl. 

The ball can be used in any lane and gives good performance even on heavy oil. It can easily adjust on your hand and gives a smooth and earlier bowling experience.

  • Features dynamic ore nComes with cover stock technology nLooks fantastic on the lane
  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

Find the best bowling ball for thumbless bowlers was a tough task, but we’ve listed the best products available on Amazon that lets you enhance your performance and help to score more. 

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