Best Bowling Ball for Tweener in 2022

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Bowling Ball has many kinds of varieties. A style known as tweener involves a stroking and cranking style. In the tweener phase choosing the right bowling ball is quite confusing.

However, this guide is going to help you out and let you choose the best bowling ball for tweener out of numerous options available in the market. 

Let’s explore the list of the best bowling ball for tweener.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball For Tweener:

We have enlisted the best bowling ball for tweener for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these balls with endless features.

1. Michelin Strom Hy-Road

best bowling ball for tweener

The first product in the list to get reviewed is manufactured from a brand named MICHELIN.

The ball is having a blue-black colour and features the bright yellow brand logo at its middle. The plus point of the ball is its lightweight that makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.  

The two previous models of the MICHELIN bowling balls, the T-Road Solid and T-Road Pearl have produced a lightweight and medium weight bowling ball that is ready to leave a long-lasting impression in the game. 

This ball is made from two materials, 50 percent of it is Pearl coverstock, and the rest 50 percent is RS2 coverstock. The core is rather Inverted Fe technology. The ball has a durometer rate of 74 to 76 and has a flare potential of 5-6 inches. 

Moreover, the perfect scale rate of the ball is 173.8 and the low RG rate is 2.570 only. With a differential rate of 0.046 and Boysenberry fragrance, you can compete with a 1500 grit factory finish quality. Its specifications make it ideal for medium to heavily oiled lanes. 

Though many customers claimed of having backend motion continuation in the ball, no wonder you can expect it to be moving in the accurate direction for much longer. 

  • Lightweight and medium weightnStrong and durablenEasy to maneuvernEasy transportationnBudget-friendly
  • Shipping of faulty products is reported so keep a check on it

2. Columbia 300 Messenger Red/Black

best bowling ball for tweener

The next in the series is an incredible ball manufactured by Columbia 300.

The ball comes with 2 different colour options the bright red and black with its logo on its centre painted in bright yellow. The ball is reviewed by experts to be smooth and accurate every time. Thus it is the most ideal for beginners or tweeners. 

The ball has a weight block that is wrapped in patented Hypershock Technology. This feature ensures that the ball stays in mint condition for the entire year and thereby enhancing its performance. 

The ball is certified by USBC, it has a super-flex coverstock that is made for lightly oiled alleys. Further, the ball is a unisex one and is used for both stroking and hooking hard. 

As a tweener, you might feel a lot of backend motion continuation. Though the ball is budget-friendly, it is not so lightweight. It weighs approx. 15 pounds and you might need to get it drilled.

  • It has a messenger corenSuperflex coverstocknPatented hyper shock technologynBudget-friendlynDynamic weight blocknUSBCX approved
  • The color of the actual ball received might be different from the picture shown

3. Storm MICHELIN Gravity Evolve

Storm MICHELIN Gravity Evolve

Yet another incredible product from the MICHELIN, this time it is manufactured by a brand maned Storm

Awesome looks displaying a pink-orangey ball with specks of black and bright yellow all over the ball.

The Gravity Evolve comes with a Shape and Lock high definition core. It has a low RG rate of only 2.48 while its perfect scale rate is 236.8. The ball has a coverstock named SPEC solid while its core is called Shape-Lock HD.

The solid reactive coverstock has a 200 grit Abralon matte factory finish. Further, this high-definition ball features a differential rate of 0.052 while the durometer is 73 to 75 Rex on a D-scale. 

Moreover, the flare potential of the ball is 6 inches and the mass bias diff rates 0.020 only. The asymmetrical core type is ready to stun everyone who rolls it. 

The right-handed ball is super smooth with backend motion continuation during play and weighs about 12 pounds only. 

  • Budget-friendlynLightweight nA strong and balanced corenHigh definition shape and lock technologynEasy to control and maneuvernLonger backend motion continuation
  • Be careful about receiving faulty products

4. Columbia 300 Baller

Columbia 300 Baller

We are back with another Columbia 300 product. The ball is perfect for minimalism lovers scrolling this.

The appearance of the ball is a brownish red and yellow with a sleek and chic look. The maximum weight of the ball ranges from 12 to 16 pounds. The high-quality product features a Hypershock Technology that provides more power while rolling. 

The product is USBC approved and is ideal for heavily oiled and medium oiled lanes. The ball allows you to go for hard and aggressive hooks. 

Further, its specifications include an ERT Hybrid coverstock combined with 500/200 Abralon. Its core is an asymmetrical one and is called Big Time. 

The perfect scale rate of the ball is 2.331 while its low RG rate is only 2.52. The matte finish ball also comes with a differential rate of 0.052 and mass bias diff of 0.018 only. Its performance is really eye-catching and you will feel it when u roll it. 

  • Strong and evenly balancedn1 year-long warranty periodnEasy to maneuvernSleek designnBudget-friendlynVersatile weight ranges
  • Users complain about the inaccurate color of the ball

5. Ebonite Choice Pearl – Best Bowling Ball Layout For A Tweener

best bowling ball for tweener

The next product on the list is an awesome bowling ball manufactured by the brand Ebonite

It has a purplish-white colour with its logo painted right in the middle in bright yellow font. The Choice Pearl weighs about 15 pounds. 

The reason behind its impressive functionality is its asymmetrical core with a medium RG and high differential rate. It is covered by GSV-1 Pearl reactive coverstock that is combined with 500/1000 Abralon and been given final touch with a factory polish. 

The perfect scale rate of the ball is 2.311 and the RG rate is 2.49 only. It is ideal for medium oiled lanes and it has a length with aggressive backend motion continuation for the breakpoint shape. This enhanced backend motion continuation helps you to play longer without losing accuracy. 

The ball is very suitable for tweeners as it has a differential rate of 0.054 and a bias diff of only 0.021. The asymmetrical core of the ball is called pro-performance.

  • High symmetrical corenStrong and balanced designnEasy to controlnComes with a 1-year warrantynSleek and attractive designnBudget-friendly
  • Slightly heavy

6. Storm Mix

Storm Mix

The new Mix range by storm features a urethane coverstock as a classy feature. The urethane outer shell gives it more superiority

The appearance of the ball is either purple or silver with its logo painted in yellow at its middle. 

The U1S Pearl Urethane has a coverstock polished with a 3500 grit factory finish. Having a urethane ball makes you conscious about dry lane in comparison to normal plastic spare balls. The dry lanes will finally result in better pin action.

The Mix features a symmetrical Traditional 3-piece core which enhances its predictability. From beginners to experts the ball provides complete control to every player. The ball rolling is easy with excellent mid-lane motion and a smooth continuous backend motion.

The low flare potential saves your time by hitting potential spares. Players trying to hook with the ball will get a controllable breakpoint whenever they roll it. 

  • Great for beginners and high-performance level playersnThe urethane can be sued for straight strike shotsnControlled mid-lane reaction and strong backend motionnExtremely durablenEye-catching color combination. nHas a variety of weight ranges
  • Hook potential is not enjoyable for prosnNot made for oily lanes

7. Roto Grip Hot Cell

Roto Grip Hot Cell

The next product is from a less known brand Roto Grip. Though it might look like an ordinary urethane ball it has some jaw-dropping features.

The ball has a high-flaring asymmetrical nucleus core which is paired with Radioactive Solid Urethane of 1000 Grit sanded finish. The Nucleus core has been proven as the winner among other incarnations of the Roto Cell line.

The Roto Grip Hot cell has a urethane coverstock that grabs the front of the lane and hooks early than others. It provides an extra hook thanks to its perfect scale rating of 229.2. The ball is suitable to use in medium to dry-lane conditions.

The Hot cell guarantees to provide its players with a ball with the finest continuation all the way without any loss of power.  The ball displays an aggressive backend motion continuation down the lane and handles breakdown far better. 

The ball is adaptive and versatile as it maintains a true consistent roll breakpoint shape. It can be used on shorter and flatter patterns and the urethane will eliminate your negative aspects of gameplay.

  • Offers intact strengthnReads lane fastnDurablenVibrant and bright hot red colornEven and smoothnConsistent in ball motion and breakpoint
  • Lacks power for strikes for pro players

8. Motiv Tank Blitz

Motiv Tank Blitz

The next ball to get reviewed is from Motiv, the product is Tank Blitz that is believed to take your game to next level. 

The important feature to get highlighted is the coverstock made with microcell polymer technology. The Frixion microcell polymer makes the ball hook early and also boosts the ball’s oil absorption capabilities. So you can now play in medium oily lanes hassle-free.

Moreover, the ball has a low RG of 2.48 and a low differential rate of 0.034. Alongside this, the symmetrical Gear core enhances its performance. It works stronger and with better continuation.

The perfect scale rating of 199.8 with high hook potential makes the ball work smartly as desired. The mid-lane roll and the breakpoint shape are decent enough.

The exterior style includes a sanded solid red body with a 2000 Grit LSS finish. It makes the ball accurate and provides more power. The smooth backend motion continuation is liked by everyone from pros to tweeners. 

  • Durable and strong urethane coverstock. nSuitable for all kinds of playersnNice hook ability and reactionnCompatible for medium lanenConsistency in backend motion and breakpoint
  • A little expensivenCan’t be used in dry or heavy lane conditions

9. Brunswick U-Motion – Best Bowling Ball For Tweener 

Best Bowling Ball For Tweener

Another masterpiece bowling ball is from a brand named Brunswick. The ball is easy to adapt and you can start your bowing career with it.

The ball features a solid Urethane matte coverstock finished at 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad that enhances the ball predictability. It is quite controllable on the front part of the lane. The motion of the ball is independent of its hitting power. The U-motion conserves the energy for the backend drives through pins.

Moreover, the ball is recommended to be used on dry lanes but it also has extraordinary control over wet lanes. Besides this, the ball has a symmetrical U-motion core that is paired with a high RG and low differential. Altogether they give you a smooth and consistent motion down the lane.

The flare potential is also good and the ball is known for its highly adaptive surface. Further, you can shift the predictable breakpoint by breaking out the pads or polish.

Finally, the ball has a superior coverstock and is ready to impress you with its U-motion.

  • Smooth lane travelnDeep dark purple colornEasy hook for strikesnConsistency in backend motionnDurable and strong
  • Not for heavy oil lane conditions

10. 900 Global Honey Badger

900 Global Honey Badger

The last product in the list of the best bowling ball for tweener is the 900 Global Honey Badger Urethane. The HBU is on those player’s wish list who like to dominate with speed or is a rev/speed matched player. 

The coverstock is made up of urethane and has a matte finish at 1000 Grit Abralon that is capable of withstanding tough conditions and shorter patterns. The ball is created with the motive of attaining more length and a stronger change of direction down the lane. 

The ball has a 2.57 medium RG and a medium differential of 0.041 with an asymmetrical Grapnel core. All of them collaborates to deliver the most angular motion on the surface.

Moreover, the ball has a big skid with medium flare potential. High rev players wanting to lower speed can do it easily with this ball as it never overreacts. The ball is suitable to be used in house-shots and in less oily conditions. The ball creates necessary friction and doesn’t lose power during travel till it hits the pins. 

  • Superior angularitynControllable breakpoint and change in directionnHits pins with fully stored powernSmooth movementnSuitable for beginnersnMatte finish and doesn’t alter on dry lanes
  • Not suitable for heavy oil patterns

Features You Must Consider While Buying The Best Bowling Ball For Tweener:

1. Coverstock:

Just like other types of bowlers tweeners should also choose bowling balls with a coverstock that will ultimately help them improve their game. Tweeners have a medium revolution rate and they also tend to belly the ball a little bit. Thus for this, they should have ample control over the ball when it starts to roll. 

Slicker coverstocks are not really made for tweeners as the ball will eventually start to slow down and even begin to slide. This happens quite often in the case of slick or oily lanes. Tweeners like to have a bit more grip and grab over the ball which a polyester coverstock provides. Further, Pearl is also a good choice for tweeners but many won’t like it as it doesn’t provide greater control over the ball and might slow down when thrown. 

2. Weight:

For a professional bowler weight is never a matter of concern, they will always have a ball with a certain weight that makes them most comfortable to play with. Tweeners have to really pay attention to the weight. Comparatively, lower weight balls are easier to be thrown as it attains a huge speed at the start. 

Tweeners need to choose one of the middling weighted balls neither too heavy nor too light. The heavier ones will start to slow down quickly and the lighter ones will lack the power to make it to the pins. 

3. Core:

The core of a ball plays a major role in how the ball rolls and how easy it would be to control the ball. In the beginning, it is preferable for tweeners to choose symmetrical or pancake cores. This kind of ball moves easily and may have a bit of hook at the end of the lane.

The asymmetrical cores have a higher flare potential and will obviously have chances of hooking at the end of the lane. This can be a good option for tweeners as the ball hooks right before the end of the lane and hits the pins without further hooking up the lane.  It also avoids going off course and gives more control to tweeners. 


The best bowling ball for tweener in the list is included in such a manner so that it suits all the different bowling styles of tweeners. The style suits all age groups and is widely used by both beginners and professionals. We hope you have found your desired ball from the guide. Your chances of winning a game depend on the ball you choose. 

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