Best Mid Performance Bowling Ball in 2021

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Find your best mid performance bowling ball. Who will win this game? Is it the Hammer Black Widow Series or Brunswick Rhino? Covering all the aspects of weight, core, finish, and angle choose the best fit that fits you better than your favorite sweater. Bowling balls of Hammer, Brunswick, Motiv, DV8, Pyramid, Columbia, or Roto? What is your best fit?

What to watch for when you are buying the best mid performance bowling ball? Every individual has a different need that is you can win the game if the equipment fits you just right. Based on various aspects, a bowling ball determines whether it is the right choice or not. A bowling ball may work differently based on light to medium oiled lanes to dry lanes. Or if you prefer a hooking ball or a straight one? Based on various finishes the bowling ball can either elevate your winning streak or your losing, either way, you need to pinpoint your pick with a detailed analysis of each bowling ball.

Our Top Picks Best Mid Performance Bowling Ball:

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best mid performance bowling ball you can find today. 

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1. Brunswick Rhino Reactive

Brunswick Rhino Reactive

This Brunswick Rhino is a hook ball, which means that this ten-pin rolls in a curving manner, unlike the straight ones. Hook ball is often preferred over the straight one because the hook gives a better angle to the right-handers with 1-3 points and 1-2 pointers for left-handers to achieve a strike. With a hooked curve, the precision to hit the pins increases. Coming back to the Brunswick Rhino Reactive, this is an entry-level hook ball that doesn’t come drilled. So if you are hoping that it will fit your hand, then you must take it to the pro shop of the bowling center. This bowling ball is suitable for dry lanes as well as oily lanes. Brunswick Rhino Reactive R-16 and a light bulb core gives this bowling ball direction and power. This bowling ball is suitable for slow bowlers as it will work correctly with the oily lanes.

If you happen to be a fast bowler, then the dry lanes will be perfect for this. You can get this Brunswick Rhino Reactive in three different colors that are purple with silver pearl, pink with white pearl, and Gold with red and black pearl. Its winning design gives a majestic look to it.

  • Lightweight nAverage to high oiled lanes pro.n
  • Hooking may not be consistent. nIt plays straight and requires reasonable control.n

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2. Brunswick Cutting Pearl

best mid performance bowling ball

This model is Brunswick Cutting Pearl found in Special Edition where the colour is Gold whose built is exceptional with x-pearl. Cutting Pearl is known for oily lane, and it is well known for creating less friction. In another edition of the Brunswick Cutting Pearl which is found in the varied colours like Cutting Pearl Ultra Low RG w/ Dynamic ore and collaborated by ECA-XR solid cover stock. This Brunswick Cutting Pearl has an excellent pin carry. The pin is just well fit for a medium ring finger and index finger. This model is found in colours of orange, maroon and white with a finish of 500 and 2000 stair micro pad.It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best mid performance bowling ball.

  • Useful for slow- bowlers.nAffordable to Mid-range price. n
  • Not suitable for Heavy oiled lanes or slowly dried lanes.

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3. Hammer Black Widow Legend

Hammer Black Widow Legend

Hammer Black Widow Legend is shipped undrilled, and you have to get it to drill from the pro shop near the Bowling shop. This bowling ball is a head turner and an absolute beast when it comes to conquering the lanes. Hammer Black Widow Legend comes with a three year warranty period along with a Hybrid coverstock which is much more sustainable than solid coverstock. Hammer Black Widow is an aggressive ball with an angular core. The Hammer Black Widow comes in pink, black and gold colors are available. Hammer Black Widow comes with a 500/1000 abalone polish which gives it high versatility.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Dry lanes harm its speed and agility.

4. Hammer Statement Solid – Best Low Mid Performance Bowling Ball

best low mid performance bowling ball

The Hammer Statement Solid is boosted with excellent performance with 500/2000 in sanded form, and this bowling ball responds uniquely with the reaction focusing predominantly on the midline and backend. This bowling ball works excellent on medium to dense oil surfaces. Hammer Statement Solid comes with a medium hook angle as the dual-density block complemented with a broader perspective and more extended length. Hammer Statement Solid Series reacts deftly with friction as it is built with Top Gear weight Block giving it a low RG with a minute differential equivalent to the original solid ball if it is in the middle range of affordability. The cover stock Aggression Solid CFI. However, there’s still no doubt that the Statement Solid deserves its lofty spot on the best low mid performance bowling ball list.  

  • Total HooknAffordablen
  • Bad for Dry lanes.

5. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

To begin with the Brunswick Tzone Space Bowling Ball, one can choose over the variety of options like Arctic Blast, Blue, Gold Envy, Green, Purple and Gold, Indigo, Scarlet Shadow, Pink, and finally blue, red and white. Brunswick Tzone has a bullet core and crown factory polish leaving the bowling ball with a gloss and shine. Another good thing about Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is that it is very affordable. Brunswick Tzone is something for straight bowlers and even the professionals who are looking for a spare ball. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is not a hooking ball, and perfect for the beginners. It comes with a warranty of one year and a plastic/spare ball.

  • Ideal for straight bowlers. nAffordablen
  • Coverstock not made for oiled lanes.nNot for hooking. n

6. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Get Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball in eight different variations of colors: Silver Pearl, Hot Pink Pearl, Silver Pearl, Dark Blue Pearl, or you can get Enchanted Black or even a Kelly Green, Sparkle Pearl and Blue Pearl. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is a great entry-level bowling ball.

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is made up of a medium-dry lane delivery as this offers an angular reaction. The factory polish provides a smooth finish to these bowling balls. Symmetric core type and flare potential medium (3-4″) gives it a premium look and professional performance. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is known for its control on the lane.

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is found in various types of weights ranging from 8LB to 16 LB. A bit of hook in its motion renders the strokers, the two-handed or any bowler to achieve their peak performance. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is notorious for entry levelers who have confirmed that it is a beast on the lane which helped them achieve their record play.

  • Chipping and cracking resistance. nCan handle oily lanes.nEnables a backend hook.n
  • Heavy, oily lanes may cause derailing.nHooking isn’t like mid-performance to high-performance. n

7. DV8 Notorious – Best Upper Mid Performance Bowling Ball

best upper mid performance bowling ball

DV8 Notorious is the best upper mid performance bowling ball with its shimmering azure, violet, and smoke. Notorious comes with a cover stock of Composite Fang Hybrid Reactive and with a finish of 500 and 3,000 stairs micro pad.

This DV8 Notorious is ideal for heavy oil lanes because the core is equipped with Antagonist; it offers a robust and sharp hook. If you are, to begin with, your experience with an entry-level bowling ball then you can blindly trust this bowling ball. With a Dynamic Core and Durability Optimization Technology gives DV8 Notorious a high strength and versatility that helps DV8 Notorious to battle with the heavy, oily lanes. You can use it both ways either hook or straight or better, both.

The DV8 Notorious is a heavyweight category. Notorious comes in a pre-drilled condition and available weights of 12LB, 13LB, 14LB, 15LB, and 16LB. You can even use an alternative to Notorious, and that is Zombie.

  • Works both, Hooking or straightnWorks perfectly in medium oil conditions.n
  • High oily or high dry lane may harm DV8 Notorious. nLess aggressive or sharpness. n

8. Roto-Grip Hustle Ink

best mid performance bowling ball

The Roto-Grip Hustle Ink was introduced on the IDOL after it’s MicroTrax S-10 formation. The asymmetrical core which is paired with the super-strong Centrum with a sturdy traction cover stock to date. The weight of the bowling ball ranges from 12LB, 13 LB, 14 LB, 15, and 16 LB. It is a hooking bowling ball, and it was created to destroy the indomitable pins.

The Roto-Grip Hustle Ink comes without drilled holes. The price is low and a steal in comparison to others. Based on the players, the sizes can differ as there are different bowling balls for men, women, and children aged from 8 to 11. Roto-Grip Hustle Ink is made to create stability on the HP1 line with a finish of 1500 Grit Polished Finished Method. Among all other Hustle series, Roto-Grip Hustle Ink is considered to be the most comfortable and smoothest. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best mid performance bowling ball, especially from a value perspective. 

  • Great for entry levelers and can do both a little hooking and straight bowling. nRuns okay in medium oily lanes.n
  • Keep it covered in dry and wet conditions.nFor hooking, it doesn’t have the required sharp cuts or juts. n

9. Columbia 300 White Dot

Columbia 300 White Dot

To be crisp about the Columbia 300 is the fact that it is a great spare ball that has no hook and is great for straight handed players. The size at which this is available is 5LB, 8LB 9 LB, 10LB, 11LB, 12 LB, and 16LB. Columbia 300 is the most affordable in the market which is smooth for any entry leveler who intends to begin their experience with a light weighter. Also like the above bowling balls, this does not come pre-drilled. Columbia 300 series are generally used from light to medium oil lanes. Columbia 300 comes with a pancake core and polyester coverstock. And the Columbia 300 series is USBC approved too. Columbia 300 White Dot is a steal because it comes with an 800/1000/2000 abalone polish finish. Its reaction is mostly straight.

  • AffordablenWorks perfectly on Dry to Medium oil lanes. n
  • Not suitable for Oily Lanes.nAbrupter hook as compared to others.n

10. Motiv Golden Jackal – Best Medium Performance Bowling Ball

best medium performance bowling ball

Now, this is a steal among the rest. The range of weight this beast is available is from 14 LB, 15 LB to 17LB. With a weight block of predator V4 and coverstock of Hexion SE Pearl, this makes it a total head-turner. A 4000 Grit LSS and a flair potential of 7″+ makes it smooth, and it provides extended length on the oiled lanes. Paired with excellent backend motion and smooth finish, you can finally conquer your winning streak. Motiv Golden Jackal works fine on both dry roads to medium oiled lanes. With its aggressive rev rate, it gives an elegant backend motion to the path knocking out every last standing pin and the best part? You can play with both hands. Motiv Golden Jackal comes in pre-drilled condition. Best medium performance bowling ball for beginner to medium users.

  • Smooth Backend Motion and finish.nExcellent for medium to heavy oiled lanes. n
  • It requires good control. nHeavyweightn


This article solely focused on the specification and the reviews received by the users. Among the best mid performance bowling ball, it is essential to know what is your strength and which bowling ball will compliment your playing style.  A point noted is that in each bowling ball, there are pros and cons, and it works differently in every lane. Our picks best medium performance bowling ball would be Motiv, Brunswick, and Hammer as they are go-to choices when it comes to beginners and medium users. In every aspect, the finish, polish, core, differential, and hook played an inevitable role. Determine carefully to add the last feather on your cap.

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