Is Bowling a Good First Date?

Yes, bowling is a great first date idea! Bowling is a terrific first date option if you are searching for something different. Bowling, unlike other traditional first dates like going to dinner and a movie, a bar, or a restaurant, enables you to interact with your date in manners that a traditional date would not.

Going to the movies, for example, results in little talk, which is not a good approach to get to know somebody. When it comes to dinner, there is no easy way to break the awkward silence, if that makes sense. Throwing bowling balls is a fantastic way to start dating the person you’re interested in.

Thus, let us look at why bowling is such a fun and fantastic date idea (check out our recent posts too).

Is Bowling a Good Date Night?

A couple playing bowling

Bowling is not your average date night activity when compared to dinner and a movie or other ideas. Bowling is a boisterous, sweaty activity that is followed by greasy food court cuisine and inexpensive drinks.

When you think about it, doesn’t that sound ideal?

The bowling alley has a little bit of everything, from fun and casual games and cuisine to pool and people watching.

On most evenings, it is inexpensive to bowl, and it is even cheaper if you take advantage of a couple of discounts.

Set up the bumper and have a good laugh and chat while flailing bowling balls down the lane as you bowl. Alternatively, get competitive.

Here are some reasons why bowling could be a great date night idea:

  • It is slow-paced
  • You can get competitive
  • There are many additional things you can do at the bowling alley
  • It is affordable
  • There are decent food options

It Is Slow-paced

If you take your time between frames, bowling is a somewhat sluggish game. If you take breaks to chit-chat, make eye contact, and eat, one game could easily last an hour.

Because of the fun game’s leisurely pace, you may have plenty of opportunities to think or continue nice talks.

However, it also allows you an “exit” if things start to go wrong. If you are not chatting up a storm, the noise levels and other things going on all around you make it less uncomfortable.

Additionally, it is an amazing way to break the touch barrier without being awkward about it. You could easily break this touch barrier by touching your date’s hand while passing them a bowling ball or giving them a high five for getting a strike.

You Can get Competitive – Talking and Making Conversation Are Crucial (You Can Also Discover More About Their Personality)

When you are on a date, it’s usually a good sign to be playful, and bowling can help you do that! Non-regulars often talk smack and fool around during game play since the game is just fierce enough.

The competition also leads to certain shenanigans, such as creating distractions and attacking one another. If the conversation had been somewhat quiet up until that time, these are excellent ice breakers where you can start a conversation and also uncover more of your date’s personality.

There Are Many Additional Things You Can do at the Bowling Alley

A couple playing bowling

The bowling alley you plan to go to most likely includes an arcade section with various machines!

Generally, a bowling alley has a lot of interesting things to do in between games.  A few options normally include a  small arcade, darts, billiards, air hockey, and an outside chill zone. You do not only have to bowl.

You may find some extremely fun high-end bowling centers with TVs showing a sports game, sports bars, and a wall of arcade and challenging games if you have a few more dollars. These additions are usually much less expensive than going to a pub, billiards, or arcade individually!

It Is Affordable

You do not have to feel the pressure to spend hundreds of dollars. Most evenings seem to be around $2.50 per game plus $2.50 for renting bowling shoes – this is dependent on the bowling alleys you go to. At the nicer establishments, others charge closer to $4 each game.  

At any given time, you can certainly find a dozen or more bowling bargains on various sites. It is about the same price as a 20-spot for two people, or a little more if you want to use the lane for an hour or two. Food and drinks for the table are also affordable.

There Are Decent Food Options

Finally, if this is your first date and you do not know what they like to eat, bowling alley food can be hit or miss. However, the cost is unbeatable, and let’s face it, if they cannot appreciate a slice of pizza and a drink, there are bigger issues you need to address! It is finger food, and it is simple enough that you can keep enjoying yourself without the awkward silences that a formal dinner date would entail.

What Should I Wear On a First Date Bowling?

Casual is best! When it comes to a first date, you need the nicest bowling outfit. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Avoid wearing a casual outfit. Never wear a T-shirt or shorts on a first date, no matter how much you like them. Get a bowling ball outfit instead, such as a half-sleeve shirt and jeans. Remember that you must wear the proper bowling shoes, whether you like them or not because you are not able to enjoy your bowling session without them.

In a nutshell, your bowling clothing ideas should portray you as a competent and knowledgeable individual. Don’t worry about how you seem in real life; your outfits always alter on that particular day.

What Should a Guy Wear On a Bowling Date?

A man puts on a shirt

The bowling dress code has two guidelines: look like yourself and be comfortable. If you keep these rules in mind, you should be able to pick the perfect outfit for your great first date.

It is crucial to select an outfit for a date that gives you confidence and relaxation. When it comes to a bowling first date, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, too loose, or too shapeless. It may make you feel uneasy throughout the game.

Again, the trick is to keep things simple. Pair a pair of stylish but comfortable pants with a polo shirt. A beautiful collared shirt is also appropriate.

Because there is a great deal of movement and bending, make sure your jeans aren’t too tight. Remember that for a bowling first date, the perfect fit is more crucial than flashy attire. Don’t forget the bowling shoes!

How Long Does a Bowling Date Last?

It is entirely up to you to decide how long your bowling date is going to last; however, two bowling games on a date is a nice idea. If you want to play more than two games, you can take a pause. However, make sure you’re both happy to keep the fun going.

Bowling Flirting


Everyone understands how nerve-wracking this might be, so here are a few pointers on how you should act on a bowling date in terms of flirting.

Acting calm and comfortable is always great as this impresses and relieves the other person.

You might plan a series of regular questions that may lead to pleasant chats to avoid awkward silence.

The foundation for communicating with people is pleasant chats. When it comes to women, they are highly emotional beings, and your goal is to elicit as many good emotions as possible.

Take the initiative in the bowling alley by making decisions based on one another’s suggestions, as people want someone they can count on, that is, individuals who can make judgments clearly and quickly.

Act as if you care about the person and pay attention to them with nice eye contact. It can convey the impression of absence if you are not looking at the other individual or looking at your phone repeatedly.

Last but certainly not least, do not be cheap and treat the person with the respect you would expect from another person on a date.

Is Bowling a Good Second Date?

Bowling is a great second-date activity, whether you go to a high-end establishment like Lucky Strike or a neighborhood alley. Bowling, like mini-golf, is a low-stress, cheerful activity with plenty of opportunities to converse with your date. The majority of bowling alleys serve beer as an added bonus. Just a thought. It could be the ideal location for many. 

Where Should You Not Go On a First Date?

The first date should be enjoyable. First dates should be enthralling. Last but not least, first dates should be brief. They should last about an hour and no longer than two hours. You want to be in an environment where you can converse, laugh, have fun, joke, and get to know one another. You also want to be in a location where you can easily end the date if something goes wrong. You want the first date setting to convey that you are considerate. It is critical to project a positive attitude and confidence. With more and better dates, the outcomes speak for themselves.

On a first date, there are several areas you must avoid:

  • Movies
  • Restaurant
  • Mall
  • Bar
  • Cars
  • Your house
  • Your friends
  • Definitely your pants!

Are You Ready to Hit a Strike?

Of course, going to bowl makes sense unless you’re not good with a competition! Everyone enjoys a bit of bowling with friends, as you could have fun and make endless conversation. It is a lighthearted, tough game that does not take itself too seriously. It allows you to bowl, converse, and get to know someone on a fun and serious level. It is also a very affordable date idea! Is your first date going to be a bowling date?