Bowling Shoes: Are They Really Necessary?

For most beginners, the thought of buying bowling shoes seems absurd. After all, you can always rent a pair at the bowling alley, right? While borrowing shoes might save you some cash, owning your own pair of bowling shoes comes with a range of advantages. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why bowling shoes are necessary and why they’re worth investing in.


One of the main reasons you’ll need your pair of bowling shoes is because of their unique design. Bowling alleys use special oil patterns that make the floor slippery, and regular shoes won’t offer the kind of traction you need to achieve the correct footwork. Bowling shoes have a rubber sole on the sliding foot and a leather or suede on the traction foot. This combination provides the perfect amount of grip and slide necessary for a smooth release.

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Proper Fit

When renting shoes at the bowling alley, you’re never quite sure what size and style you’ll get. The right fit is crucial in bowling, as even a minor shoe size difference can negatively impact your performance. By owning your own pair of bowling shoes, you can choose the best fit and style for your comfort and performance.


Regular, street shoes are not allowed on the bowling lanes due to the dirt, gum, and other debris they bring with them. While rental shoes are sprayed with disinfectant, owning your own pair’s still not the same. With your own bowling shoes, you’ll always have a clean and hygienic pair to wear each time you bowl.


Let’s face it. Bowling shoes are ugly and stylish. They come in various colors and unique designs that’ll make you stand out at the bowling alley. Owning your own bowling shoes means you can choose your preferred style and make your statement on the lanes. You’ll never have to wear a boring pair of rental shoes again.


Bowling shoes are necessary if you want to perform your best on the lanes. Owning your own pair gives you a better grip, a more comfortable fit, a clean and hygienic pair, and a stylish look. If you’re serious about bowling or want to have a fun day out with friends and family, investing in a pair of bowling shoes is a wise decision. Happy bowling!

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