Storm Lock Bowling Ball Review of 2021

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With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the storm lock bowling ball review you can find today. 

Bowling is a recreational activity where the player rolls a ball toward a pin or target. There are many forms of bowling, some countries may prefer to play ten pin bowling form and some may prefer lawn bowling. Its earliest known form of bowling date back to 5000 BC and it requires a vast amount of coordination and plenty of practice to master.

No one can master the game overnight, Factors such as technique and form do play an important role in this game. But what matters the most is the quality of the bowling ball. A war can’t be won if the weapons are not selected wisely; similarly, a game of bowling depends much on the bowling ball. It is crucial and the most important part of the game. Selection of the ball is also not an easy task, to be honest, many things come under consideration when a ball is chosen for a game of bowling such as its coverstock, torque, hook, its core, etc. So, it is very much necessary that when selecting a bowling ball, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one.

But a question arises that how can someone choose a flawless bowl from so many options?

Don’t Worry Folks,

From our recent research on the bowling ball by our group of researchers, Today, I’m going to introduce you to one such bowling ball that is paramount in quality. It can handle any number of lane conditions and can handle different styles of drilling. It can handle any kind of oil conditions and has a perfect combination between its coverstock and its RAD-X core.

I’m talking about the Storm Lock Bowling Ball.

Storm Lock Bowling Ball gives you the pleasure of playing smoothy without missing your golden shot.

The Lock is engineered for high performance. The core plays a key role in the game and so it is designed with the exclusive RAD-X Core. The RAD-X core is built on the same platform which powered other RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) designs over the years. The outer shell of a ball comes in touch with lanes it plays on and so the versatility is maintained by the GI-15 Hybrid reactive Coverstock which is being utilised for the first time on this ball. This core combination will overcome the most demanding of conditions. Even with the strength of the Lock-it is very adaptable to different and varied type of oil patterns.

There are a lot of factors that influence how a bowling ball acts. The weight perhaps the most important and obvious for the noobies and the amateurs, as it’s fairly easy to determine the difference between a ball that weighs more than a ball that doesn’t. Before looking into the other aspects of the bowl, we need to know about the broad-brush information of it.

So, Now Let’s look at it’s Across the board Information:

General Info

Brand Name:
Series: Lock

The visual structure of the bowl is one of the major things in bowling. The bowler when looks at the bowl, it only sees its outer shell which is also known as the cover stock of the bowl. Cover stock plays a key role as it helps the bowler in determining his/her bowl. It is also the most influential element of the ball when it comes to hooking potential because it is the part of the ball that is actually making contact with the lane surface. its primary work is to cut through the oil and provide friction for hook potential and steer bowl through the lane. The storm kept in mind all the above features and released its new ball Lock with the needful specifications.

So, Let’s Go through The Specification Of Storm Bowling Balls:


Name of the coverstock:
GI-15 Hybrid Reactive
Type it belongs to: Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:
3000 Abralon
Color Representation Black Pearl / White Pearl / Crimson

In bowling, the major two parts of a bowl are the outer shell and the inner core. Both have their own role and have equal importance in playing. The core of a bowling ball is in a specific shape, and thus the weight is distributed differently throughout the ball. This is why drilling the holes in one spot can result in a stronger reaction and drilling them in another spot results in a weaker reaction. Depending on the type of core and in which direction it points, a bowler can get a multitude of different reactions using the same piece of equipment, changing only the layout.

There are two types of bowling cores. Asymmetrical and asymmetrical core. The Storm possesses an asymmetrical core, which provides the greater distribution of weight in one spot than another. This ball works very well for high-level bowlers. Moreover, the core of this ball is designed with RAD-X core which provides the bowler extreme hook and ball motion. The Asymmetrical bowl fans can expect a fantastic experience playing with LOCK.

Given Below Are Some Stipulations Of Its Core:


Name of the Core:
Core Type: Asymmetrical
Low RG:
Diff: 0.054
Int. Diff: 0.018

The Storm Lock is the latest release in Storm’s high-end Premier line, maintaining its supremacy, excellency and joining its earlier releases Crux and Crux Pearl. This ball is acquainted with a new hybrid coverstock which provides you a good shot efficiency, a proper hook potential, proper ball motion, cut through different density of oils and results in maximizing your game. The Storm Lock’s GI-15 coverstock is a new hybrid formulation which provides you a bowl that comes out of the box finished with a 3000 Abralon pad and giving it plenty of traction through the oil.

The Storm Lock adds its name to the list of some of the strongest balls in the market, though the ball does it with a bit more energy reservation downlane than the heavy oil balls over the years. The new Rad X core revs up very strongly in the midlane, but saves plenty of energy to go through the pins the right way. RAD-X core provides the perfect hook it requires and proper ball motion down the lane surface. It also has a new core design as compared with its previous series release which gives it an extra touch of superiority. In its new release, Storm has combined elements of their most successful cores to create the new RAD-X weight block. This provides low RG, and its high differential asymmetrical core offers a big amount of track flare, while still conserving energy for a remarkable move at the breakpoint and back end.

A ball is determined by the bowler through the facts of its performance. Through some intensive research by our experts, some of its performance ratings are mentioned below:

Performance Ratings:

Though the ratings may vary from person to person, Given below are some of the important names and their ratings with a comment given by our team of experts after examining the ball on a different aspect and hence providing you a brief idea about the bowl:

Bowl’s Length/Surface: (Rating: 6/10)

The colors of a ball sometimes are quite different as shown in the advertisement. The same goes with this bowl as it makes the 3000 Abralon finish look a lot rougher than advertised. The surface helps it bite through any oil it comes across, giving it the foundation for a big total hook.

Torque/Turn of The Bowl: (Rating: 7.9/10)

We know that Do not judge a book, by its cover. The same goes with this bowl; The Lock’s rough box finish would usually lead a Bowler to think it would have a smoother transition from oil to dry, but that thinking is a complete failure in it. This ball turns the corner hard at the breakpoint.

Bowl’s Overall Total Hook: (Rating: 8/10)

The new released Lock is the biggest hooking Storm ball of all time. Fans of the Virtual Gravity Nano (which is considered one of the best hooking ball of all time) will see more total hook and a sharper response to downlane friction from the Storm Lock.

Back End of the Bowl/Motion Down the End of the Lane: (Rating: 7.1/10)

Every time when a bowler sees a rough finished bowling ball, he thinks it still has a good move at the back of the lane, he knows the ball is going to be good. The Storm Lock provides a big motion down the lane, even for bowlers with less Rev rates and on the missed shots due to early friction.

Strengths Of Storm Lock Bowling Ball:

So, as you have a nice idea about the magnificent ball from the above facts, now let’s have a look at some of its strength. Traction is one of the important aspects of a bowling ball and that is why the Lock offers lots of traction, while still providing a big move at the back of the lane.

Bowlers possessing a different variety of style can take the advantage of the big move of the Lock as it heads toward the pins. So, basically in this new release, you get a super strong ball, which is priced in the top tier. If you are belonging from a lower rev or have higher speed bowling action, or you face higher volumes or sports shots, the value will go up the order and last but not least this heavy oil ball surely knows its way on the lane. It derives all the good things from other balls and combines them perfectly to perform even better. So, the key points are:

  • Suitability for the bowler of varied styles
  • Convey a lot of traction down the lane
  • Keep up a big move at the back of the lane

Weaknesses Of Storm Lock Bowling Ball:

Though this ball is excellent for every bowler, but it still has some minor short comes. Shorter patterns and lighter volumes of oil makes this ball hook too early for most styles. When the Lock starts hooking past the pocket or it struggles to carry the corners, it is time to put the bowl back in the bag and move into something like its earlier release such as Crux Pearl or a Crux. This ball is also not recommended for lighter oil conditions as it felicitous for heavy oil conditions. But overall, the ball is very good for all the players from high to beginner level. So, the key points are:

  • Early hooks due to shorter patterns.
  • Not suitable for lighter oil conditions.
  • For some, it is not pocket friendly.

Final Overview:

The twining of the new GI-15 hybrid reactive cover and the brand new RAD-X core makes the Storm Lock a very user-friendly bowling ball on a varied pattern of oil. If you were distressed that your original Crux (Storm’s earlier release) either didn’t hook enough or that it wasn’t angular enough downline, then the Lock will be the product that you will be looking for. The Lock has some best-rolling history on longer patterns and has a heavier volume lane condition. The rolling motion of this ball reminds us of all time bowler’s favourite Virtual Gravity. The bowlers are able to get the ball to tip even from the oiliest lane conditions. To keep things short, the BALL Based on performance, deserves an A+ and based on its shelf appeal, the Storm Lock deserves an A+. Immense colours and aroma and the churn look good when rolling down the lane.

So, keeping all the things in mind, The Storm Lock Bowling Ball is one of the best bowling balls you’ll bowl with. Its uncommon design keeps the bowler ahead of most of its competitors. However, the price has to be reduced if Storm wants this product to thrive as it is not pocket friendly for many of the bowlers when compared to other bowls of its kind. But overall, this ball is very competent in playing and can be proven antagonistic in competitions because its features are formidable and can attract any bowler towards it.

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