8 Most Expensive Bowling Balls To Buy In 2021

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The most expensive bowling ball are those that offer maximum performance and high durability. But, with numerous choices out there, it’s hard to find the best one. So we’ve created a list that helps you to find the best ball that enhances your performance. 

Bowling with the right ball can drastically improve your performance on the lane, though, with different size types and craftsmanship, there is a lot of stuff to deal with while purchasing the most expensive bowling ball in the world. 

But the utmost benefit of the expensive ball is that most of them offer outstanding performance and come from a trustable brand use by thousands of bowlers worldwide. 

To be honest, a big price doesn’t mean big performance, but it surely means that you have plenty to spend, in exchange you need to look for better build material, design, and easy-to-handle grip. 

We’ve carefully created a list that includes bowling balls with ideal cover stock, robust build, and elegant design. 

Our Top Picks Most Expensive Bowling Ball:

Here is the list of some of the best most expensive bowling balls ever sold; check it out. 

  1. 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball 
  2. Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball 
  3. Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball 
  4. Columbia 300 Baller 
  5. Storm Parallax Bowling Ball  
  6. Hammer Black Widow 2.0 
  7. Storm Omega Crux 
  8. Hammer Bowling Scandal

1) 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball 

900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

As another pearlized bowling ball from 900 Global’s Prime 800 series, the Zen is an attractive pearlized bowling ball. A new reaction shape is offered at this price point compared to the Aspect. Mediate Symmetric core in 900 Global’s Zen product line features a higher volume than their previous designs with a lower RG and an increased differential over Reflector Symmetric core found in Aspect. A 1500 grit polished box finish adorns the coverstock, which is S77 Response Pearl. Zen’s motion is strong but not straight, with strong angular motions.

Reliable back-end recovery and a bit more overall oil hook than a pure skid/flip ball, which makes it a bit more user-friendly.

  • Amazing weight balance
  • An ideal choice for beginner
  • Perfect choice for straight-shooting
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to handle
  • Drills holes need improvement
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2) Storm Proton Physix

Storm Proton Physix

The storm has announced its newest addition, the Proton PhysiX, which consists of the asymmetrical Atomic core previously found in PhysiX and AstroPhysiX. The NeX Solid cover was also used for the Axiom, which gives this ball a distinct difference. All styles of bowlers will benefit from the hook and traction of this aggressive solid coverstock, which is finished at 2000 Abralon.

In addition to its high-performance characteristics, the Storm Proton PhysiX bowling ball was designed to hook and offer great traction on just about any heavy oil condition. PhysiX bowling balls continue the success of Atomic core with this third ball in the Physix line. This ball is unstoppable in heavy oil conditions because of the low RG of the core and the NeX Solid Reactive coverstock. The Proton PhysiX offers a strong entry angle as well as a mid-lane read that will maximize pin carry.

  • Excellent looks and amazing builds
  • Smooth finish
  • Ideal for all types of oil conditions
  • Value for money product
  • Not for beginners
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3) Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball 

Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball

The JackalTM Legacy continues the reputation for massive performance established by the JackalTM series from MOTIV®. Every bowler will face heavy oil conditions with this hook beast.

The new Coercion MXC Solid Reactive coverstock paired with the asymmetrical Predator V2 weight block makes for a hybrid type of Jackal Legacy. Motiv’s 2000 grit sanded box finish makes this the most durable coverstock Motiv has ever produced. In comparison to the Jackal Ghost and Alpha Jackal, the Jackal Legacy has more hook due to its new coverstock.

  • Versatile builds
  • Amazing performance
  • Consistent on its behavior
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not a great choice for advanced curved movements
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4) Columbia 300 Baller 

Columbia 300 Baller

New technology comes from inside and out with the Baller by Columbia 300. ERT Hybrid coverstock combined with Big Time core creates hook potential previously unknown. The Baller will take your game to the next level.

Massive mass is concentrated on one plane of Big Time’s asymmetric core design. The mass of the lane creates a steady rotation through its center area in a typical layout. Through its rotation through the back end of the core, the core undergoes precession. As a result of this unsteady rotation, the ball consumes more energy, allowing it to hook down the lane more easily.

This new release, the Baller, allows for improved performance while combining a new coverstock with an asymmetric weight block. With its 500/2000 Abralon finish, ERT Hybrid coverstock offers excellent traction in the midline and strong hooks throughout. 

This is Columbia 300’s second asymmetrical core and the Big Time core is a higher RG design than the Savage core. There is a similar flare potential for both balls because their differentials are close. We noticed an improved reaction on the heavy oil pattern because this ball’s dull cover and aggressive core were designed differently.

  • Offer lots of hitting potential
  • An ideal choice for dry lanes
  • Steady motion and reaction
  • Perform perfectly on different areas
  • Doesn’t provides consistent hooking
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5) Storm Parallax Bowling Ball 

Storm Parallax Bowling Ball

Storm’s Premier line now boasts the Parallax and AstroPhysiX, two polished system offerings. Asymmetrical Aeroflo core and a hybrid TractionX7 coverstock are present on this tire. Parallax is characterized by its moderate length and angular breakpoint, as well as a continuous motion at its back end. Our testers on medium oil liked this ball more than the AstroPhysiX, perhaps due to its polished finish.

I think it would fall into the Strong Defined category if it had as much surface area as the Omega Crux. 

  • Durable design
  • Great control
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent performance
  • Not great for longer oil patterns
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6) Hammer Black Widow 2.0 

Hammer Black Widow 2.0

Hammer Obsession Solid loves knocking down pins! A carbon fiber-infused coverstock is used on this bowling ball for added durability. The Obsession core is paired with this strong cover to deliver an aggressive mid-lane and backend response during heavy oil conditions. 

Carbon Fiber is infused into this bowling ball, which uses DOT technology. DOT provides toughness to the ball and allows drilling anywhere on it. There are very few materials as tough as carbon fiber. This material is used in Hammer’s outer core to add strength and durability, thus allowing a 2-year warranty.

  • Great core
  • Meant for heavy oil lanes
  • NBT hybrid coverstock hybrid
  • Amazingly durable
  • Robust material
  • Not for beginner
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7) Storm Omega Crux 

Storm Omega Crux

This asymmetrical Catalyst-block Storm ball is the latest in the award-winning Crux line. 

The Omega Crux boasts a sanded finish thanks to its 3000 Abralon finish. There is also less hook produced by this surface than balls with stronger coverstocks like the Gravity Evolve and the Crux Prime, which both have polished covers.

Although there is a noticeable difference in hooking from the OMEGA and PRIME, the difference was not as large as I had thought, even though the PRIME is such a smooth, strong ball with no big motions.

Even with the 3,000 surfaces, the OMEGA moves downline noticeably faster than the PRIME.

I think this is a great piece of work from Storm, and one we’ll recommend often.

  • Great speed on the lane
  • Great hook potential
  • Ideal for medium to fewer oil lanes
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Not for heavy oils
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8) Hammer Bowling Scandal 

Hammer Bowling Scandal

Scandal/S ranks a solid B when it comes to value for money. For players trying to blend the pattern and speed dominant players looking for a mid-lane read, it’s a lot of ball for rev-dominant styles on typical house shots, but it has a strong backend motion to make it work for the match up players. Having an asymmetric ball will also increase its versatility.

A new symmetric core can be found in the High-Performance Line of the Scandal/S. The Hammer top line has two asynchronous cores, the Rip’D and Gauntlet. In spite of the fact that they perform differently, the line has some redundancy.

If you’re looking for a maximum hook in deep oil conditions, then the Hammer Scandal is a must-have. Despite a few minor dry-lane quirks, this is one of the best modern bowling balls ever made.

  • Various type available
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Ideal performance for maximum hook in deep oil conditions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not for pro
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Final words 

As we already said, the right kind of bowling ball can improve your performance, but at the end of the day, it depends on you which balls are suitable for your need and on what type of lane your want to throw the ball. 

It’s notable that if you are a beginner, we recommend starting from an affordable and lightweight ball and after practice, you can easily opt for the most expensive bowling ball for you.