Best Entry Level Bowling Balls of 2021

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Many people find that spending some time with friends or family members by playing bowling is very much fun and interesting. It acts as a refreshment in your busy life. So undoubtedly bowling is very popular.

Now, for bowling, you need a good entry level bowling ball. Entry-level balls are usually kind to a bowler’s budget and often predicate straight-line control and consistency over aggressiveness and angularity. In the market you will find many balls for bowling, so you may get confused. That’s why in this article we will give a review of the best entry level bowling balls. It will help you to choose the perfect one for you. So without wasting time let’s start!

Our Top Picks Best Entry Level Bowling Balls:

We have enlisted the best entry level bowling balls for you that can give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these balls with endless features.

1. Pyramid Path Rising – Best Entry Level Hook Bowling Ball

Best Entry Level Hook Bowling Ball

This best entry level hook bowling ball is perfect for kids, teenagers and beginners. The weight is almost 15 pounds and an RG of over 2.60. It comes with a house shot pattern and has a strong back. It handles fresh pattern and deeper front with perfection. In a different lane, it provides good control and versatile motion. It is available in various colours. You will get a free ebonite bowling cover. This ball has a variety of drilling option, so you drill the ball for strong roll and backend or drill to go long or hook hard. Sometimes it creates marks on the path but it can be easily cleaned off.

  • Great for beginners nWeight and RG is excellent nHouse host pattern and strong backnVersatile motion nVarious drilling option
  • Not brilliant for professionals nSometimes create marks on the lanenRecovery is not like other balls

2. Brunswick Strike King Swimming Ball

best entry level bowling balls

This is a highly rated bowling ball and comes with solid construction. It made with a two-piece ball and contains a strong rubber core. This core is enough strong to prevent creaking which is a major advantage. Weight is 15 pounds and RG of 2.578 which is impressive. This ball offers even pin action and. It provides a higher hook point and trajectory. The ball gives a good performance in dry and oil atmosphere. It can cover a long path with straight-line control and hits strongly.

  • Strong constriction and corenWeight and RG is perfect nOffers even pin action nCan go long path and control motionnDurable
  • Backend reaction is not excellent nFragile coating may creak

3. Columbia 300 White Dot Diamond Bowling Ball

best entry level bowling balls

This is one of the best bowling balls and also great for beginners. It has a V-shaped core and the surface is made by diamond technology, so you can easily spot the target. This ball gives straight-line control. RG is 2.71 and weight is 6Ibs, but there is different weight options are available. During gameplay, it offers good consistency with balance. It is suitable for dry as well as oily condition. The price is not too high, so this is an awesome option.

  • Trusted optionnSurface is diamond technologynGreat control and rolling nLow price nGood for beginners nGood performance in the oily lane nDurable
  • No oil absorption features nNot enough hook potential

4. Hammer Blue Vibe Bowling Ball – Best Entry Level Performance Bowling Balls 

Best Entry Level Performance Bowling Balls

This is another fantastic entry-level bowling ball. This is excellent for beginners but not too much for pro players. It is very smooth and finished with 2000 Grit Abralon. Weight is 10 pounds and RG of 2.51. It is perfect for dry, medium oily and house shoot conditions. The quality of the core is quite good which prevents creaking. This gives straight-line motion with perfection. It has brilliant drilling with pin-up and pin-down drilling.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best entry level performance bowling balls.

  • Smooth and great for beginners nLower core and cover constriction nFantastic drillingnControl and versatile motion
  • Thick weight to weight ratio nNot suitable for dense oil lane

5. Strom Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball 

Strom Tropical Breeze

This versatile bowling ball is very popular in the market. It has plenty of angularity, so who looking for more hook it is perfect for them. Straight-line bowlers will enjoy it because it is smooth and firm. RG is 2.57 and weight is 10 pounds. It comes with carbon fiber overstock and factory finished (FPF) Core is made by camber symmetrical which gives control motion to the ball while moving on the lane. It gives a brilliant performance in dry and medium oily condition. Price is also within budget.

  • Carbon symmetrical corenGreat for dry and medium oily condition nBreakpoint movement and backend reaction is nicenRound finger holesnBudget-friendly n
  • Not great for deep oil condition

6. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space

This bowling ball is a great option for an entry level bowling ball. This ball is cover with polyester and lasting for a long time. The ball is finished with high glow polish. If you are a beginner then it is a brilliant choice, it is also fantastic for pros. It gives versatile motion with perfection to the players. Weight is 6 pounds and RG is 2.715. It is a square ball and goes straight line to hit the target. Its price tag is also affordable.

  • Durable nGreat for depleted condition and straight-line ball nVersatile motion nFor beginners as well as prosnAffordable
  • It has polyester coverstock which is not great for the deep oily conditionnAmount of hook may be little

7. Strom Match Up Solid Black Aqua Lime – Best Entry Level Reactive Bowling Ball

Best Entry Level Reactive Bowling Ball

This bowling ball has a good review of the market. It is suitable for both beginners and also pros. Price is affordable. It offers straight-line and controls motion while throwing the ball. RG is 2.57 and weight is 11 pounds. It is also available for 8 pounds. Coverstock is reactor solid reactive and stinger 2.0 core which gives great potential to the ball. This ball is useful in dry and medium oily condition. The overall performance of this ball is brilliant.

However, there’s still no doubt that the Strom Match Up Solid Black deserves its lofty spot on the best entry level reactive bowling ball list.

  • Affordable pricenVersatile angular breakpoint reactionnControl motion and Potential performance nSuitable for every level players nDurable n
  • Performance is less in a high oily lane

8. DV8 Alley Cat Bowling Ball

DV8 Alley Cat

This every level bowling ball has a very good rating gives a fantastic performance. It is made of a single piece of solid steel construction and the coverstock is hybrid reactive. This gives brilliant response to friction. It is finished with 500 SiaAir and the core is RG symmetric. It has a smooth and versatile motion with perfection. Weight is 11 pounds and RG of 2.564 This ball gives a brilliant response in dry and deep oily condition. Breakpoint movement and hook potential are impressive.

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  • Smooth and straight-line control nHybrid reactive coverstock nAwesome for oily and other lane conditionnBoasts hook potential and breakpoint movement nGreat for beginners
  • Who are successive on bellicosity angularity and hook may not be sufficient.

9. Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

This is another wonderful entry-level bowling ball for different level players. It has an asymmetric core and plastic coverstock which gives energy and power. It is finished with a 1500 Grit polished finish. This ball has an awesome drilling pattern. It has 5 various weight options, so you can choose according to need. The ball comes with versatility so users will enjoy the game with it. It has plenty of hooks and straight-line control. It gives potential performance to dry and medium oily condition.

  • Versatile bowling ball nSuitable for different lane condition nLots of hooksnBrilliant performance nDrilling pattern is awesome nStrong backend reaction n
  • Lack of sharpness and rapid flipsnNot excellent for heavy dry and heavy wet conditionn

10. Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball – Best Entry Level Bowling Balls

Best Entry Level Bowling Balls

We will close our list by this one. It has an affordable price and gives a superb performance. It comes with plenty of hooks. The surface is made by Hype reactive 3000. The design is very colourful and it’s a chance of colour after release which looks awesome. RG is 2.591 and weight is 8 pounds. This smooth bowling ball has great backend power. It gives the player straight-line control with accuracy. Construction is very strong, so don’t worry about the creaking issue. It is preferable for dry or medium oily condition.

Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best entry level bowling balls, especially from a value perspective. 

  • Affordable nStrong surface and core nVersatile motion with perfectionnGreat backend power nDurable
  • Performance decrease in heavy oil lane nNot sufficient aggression n


What is the best bowling ball for a beginner?

Most entry-level player choice around 10 pounds of weight ball. It has a medium range hook. If you looking for a bowling ball for a kid then you must remember that it will tough to handle the ball for kid with a lot of hooks. So you must choose according to your age, weight, skill, power personality, budget and so on.

What is the best bowling for a professional?

Professional players are not restricted in one ball. They have to perform in different leagues and events. So they choose various kinds of balls. A professional knows very well that what ball to use according to condition.

Which is the best among them according to me?

We previously mentioned that which one is the best varies from person to person. But if you said that what I will choose, my answer is I will go for the Strom series. Now, what you will choose depends on you.


In this buying guide, we give a review of the best entry level bowling balls with their pros and cons. See, every ball has lots of advantage features with some negative feature. But the overall performance of each ball is brilliant. Now, you may be a kid, beginner or pro choose the best one which suits you. We did a lot of research and create this list. Hope it will help you. Thanks for reading.

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