Best Bowling Ball For Wood Lanes of 2021

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Sunday afternoons with cousins or friends and a trip for a fun sport like bowling always sound the best plan. What makes it best is the variety it provides us, which involves five-in bowling, ten-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, duckpin bowling, and kegel, which has balls having holes for two fingers and a thumb and no holes at all. It has different surfaces used, too, like dry lanes, heavy oil lanes, wood lanes, etc.

Let’s know about wood lanes and how to select the best bowling ball for wood lanes

The features you must consider before buying them are:

  • Hardness of the Ball – Since wooden lanes are softer and more forgiving, it allows bowlers to choose amongst a wide variety and their favorite without any risk of breaking it.
  • Coverstock Material – We can easily use a bowling ball with a plastic or polyester coverstock without worrying about losing control.
  • Weight – Weight of the ball matters as to how easily the ball can be handled and how far it can travel. Lighter bowling balls can comfortably grip the surface.
  • Flare Potential – Lower flare potential bowling balls are suitable.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes Are:

We have enlisted the best bowling ball for wood lanes for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these balls with endless features.

1. DV8 Zombie Spare

best bowling ball for wood lanes

Known great for controlling straight shots, they are incredibly responsive. It is excellent for beginners and ideal for picking spares because of the way it rolls. However, the lack of grip and hook can be troublesome for some bowlers.

  • It is great for controlling straight shots without any hooking.nIt is designed with a durable polyester coverstock to improve action on wood lanes.nLow hook potential is great for bowlers who don’t want a lot of movement.nHigh-gloss polish helps the ball enjoy a lot of speed revolutions.nIt is ideal for picking up spares due to the way the ball rolls and controls.
  • It is great as a secondary ball but not as easily controlled as other options.nLack of grip and hook can be frustrating for some bowlers.
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2. Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights

best bowling balls for wood lanes

Children and beginners favorite, attractive and durable too, it is designed to withstand a lot of throws without any damage. It might underperform in medium or high oil conditions on a wooden lane.

  • It is an excellent basic ball that is great for beginners as well as for children.nAttractive design looks great in black light and will really stand out.nDurable polyester coverstock is sleek and smooth.nIt is designed to withstand a lot of throws by beginners without showing any signs of damage.nIt is great for picking up spares as it is very easy to consistently roll straight.
  • It is not a great option for more advanced bowlers.nIt can easily underperform in medium or high oil conditions on a wood lane.
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3. Bowlerstone Clear Skull Ball

best bowling ball for wooden lanes

Its wild design aims to attract people’s attention. For beginners, it makes bowling in straight line easier because of its hardcore, handling wooden lanes efficiently. It is quite durable to be drilled without cracking.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best bowling ball for wood lanes.

  • Wild design is sure to attract attention at the bowling alley.nClear ball doesn’t mark up even when thrown regularly.nIt handles wooden lanes easily and always rolls straight.nIt is the perfect plastic ball for picking up spares and for use as a secondary ball.nIt is durable enough to be drilled without cracking or chipping.
  • It is only available in 14 and 15 pounds.nIt is not a good option for any bowler who wants to learn how to hook the ball.
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4. Pyramid Pathogen Ball

best bowling balls for wooden lanes

Best for ones learning how to hook the ball, it has medium flare potential suitable for both beginners and advanced bowlers. It manages to roll straight and has durable polyester coverstock, being UBSC-approved. 

  • Durable polyester coverstock has an impressive factory finish polish.nIt easily hooks on dry oil wood lanes.nIt can be drilled in many different ways to improve a bowler’s game.nIt is USBC-approved.nIt has a dual-density asymmetric core but still manages to roll very straight.
  • It can be difficult to hook unless the bowler has a high revolution rate.nIt tends to slide a little on oily lanes, making it difficult to control.
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5. Brunswick Twist – Best Bowling Ball For Wood Lanes

best bowling ball for wood lanes 2021

Best for beginners as it is easily controlled, moving straight, and can quickly hook. The bright colours are appealing to all and have a strong back-end reaction when on dry wood lanes. However, it is not strong enough for more advanced bowlers.

  • New twist low-diff core allows for plenty of length.nIt has a predictable, strong back-end reaction when used on dry wood lanes.nBright colors swirled together appeal to bowlers of all ages and abilities.nIt is not an ideal ball to use on oily lanes as it will have trouble gripping the wood.nIt is perfect for any drilling pattern.
  • Coverstock is a bit more reactive than other options, which can make it harder to control.nIt is not powerful enough for more advanced bowlers.
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6. Hammer Black Widow Ball

best bowling ball for wooden lanes 2021

Best for throwing strikes or taking down spares, advanced bowlers use this who are confident enough to dominate the lanes. Although incorrect drilling leads to ball being unresponsive and might chip around the finger holes. 

  • Even though this has an aggressive coverstock, it still performs very well on wood lanes.nIt is designed to have a lot of speed when approaching and striking the pins.nIt offers a strong back-end, which is great for bowlers who want to hook the ball.nCarbon fiber interior is durable and designed to last.nIt is ideal for medium or heavy oil but can perform well on dry lanes.
  • It can sometimes chip around the finger holes.nIncorrect drilling will cause the ball to be unresponsive on the lane.
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7. Storm Ice – Best Bowling Ball For Dry Wood Lanes

storm ice

It is perfectly designed to perform well, suitable for beginners and advance bowlers. It can be used on dry or medium-oil lanes, having durable and slick coverstock helping it to roll smoothly.  

However, there’s still no doubt that the Storm Ice deserves its lofty spot on the best bowling ball for wood lanes list

  • It is great for use on most any lane conditions.nIt is finished with a 3500-grit polish.nPearl polyester coverstock is slick and smooth, allowing the ball to roll easily on wood lanes.nTraditional three-piece core prevents the ball from being difficult to control and adds power to throws.nAttractive blue and white swirled design looks great.
  • It is not a great option for throwing hooks.nIt can be a little temperamental when used on heavily oiled lanes.
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Given are the best bowling ball for wood lanes that work best for both beginners and advanced bowlers, looking after the perfect features that easily fit in. 

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