Best Backpacks For Bowling

Backpacks are useful for every instance in life; travel, shopping, sport, and school; whatever you need – there is a backpack for that occasion. They’re useful because we can fit our belongings in them while being able to still move around. You want a bag that is safe and well-made. That is why doing your own research on what bag to get for yourself is essential.

However, this list is about bowling bags. Bowling is a sport that many play for recreational pleasure and others for competitive sporting. Whatever your reason is for bowling, if you need a bowling backpack to carry all of your essentials then we have the list for you. It’s easier to find backpacks for most popularized reasons, but this list is made for those of you that need one for bowling because those bowling balls are heavy! 

Now, let’s break down the best six backpacks for your bowling needs. 

  1. Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Bowling Ball Tote Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Bowling Ball Tote Bowling Bag

There is obvious reason as to why this particular bag is our first suggestion. It has 2,172 ratings and it’s averaged out five stars, so we know this is a fan favorite. This particular bag comes in 20 different colors – yes, 20! So, there is definitely a color that matches your style. It is also, Amazon’s Choice, and it is one of the best-selling bags, so that’s why it’s extremely popular. 

When it comes down to the actual bag and its properties, its padded strap is adjustable and has welded steel construction. Alongside that it has a custom zipper, webbed nylon carrying handles and a polyurethane ball cap design. Overall, this bag definitely looks the part with its unique design and the accented colors to choose from. There is also an oversized pocket that can fit up to US Men’s size 15 shoes! Now, that is a bag that can carry any size shoe you own. 

Pyramid is a company that was formed and made by bowlers, so you know that this bag is perfect for your bowling needs. 


  • Portable and can easily fit in vehicle and ball locker
  • Can fit your shoes comfortably
  • Wide range of colors to choose from


  • Complaints about the bag not being able to fully protect your bowling ball
  • In high-demand, so will need to purchase fast
  1. Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller with Oversized Accessory Pocket Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller with Oversized Accessory Pocket Bowling Bag

If you have a bit more money to spend on a bowling bag, then this might be the right option for you. Pyramid is one of the best bowling bag making company’s out there, so it obviously has a high-end bag for its users. With 2,757 reviews and averaging at 4.5-stars – this bag is definitely one to consider. This Deluxe Double Roller comes in six different colors. With two neutral colors and four vibrant ones – you are sure to find one that best suits you. 

The bag itself has a durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction, so it is strong and reliable. It comes with 3” rubber wheels, so you can maneuver the bag with ease as you walk around. The handle is extendable to 21.5”, so you can hold onto your bag comfortably. You can fit shoes up to US Men’s 16 in the pocket, so no need to worry about shoe space with this bag. 

This is definitely a bag to consider when choosing your bowling bag!


  • Comes with an oversized side accessory
  • Lots of room


  • No handles on the top and bottom of the bag to assist with lifting
  • Price ($85.99USD)
  • A lot of people say the handle does not lock in place
  1. DSLEAF Bowling Ball Bag for Single Ball, Bowling Tote Bag

DSLEAF Bowling Ball Bag for Single Ball, Bowling Tote Bag

Coming in at number three is the DSLEAF Bowling Ball Bag with 31 ratings and averaging out at 4.6-stars on Amazon. This is not the most popular bag, but it is at an affordable price and it might just be the next big bowling bag in the market. It is available in three different colors that are all good neutrals, so it blends in well with you and any style you have. 

This particular bag has a sufficient amount of space for your bowling equipment, one ball, shoes and your accessories. It sounds like a pretty standard bowling ball bag, which is good! However, what can be noted is the wooden ball retainer that they give you to help protect your bowling ball from damage. It keeps your ball in place while preventing your bag from sagging due to the weight of it. That is definitely one piece of the design that we really like. 

DSLEAF is definitely thinking outside of the box with this bag. 


  • Very spacious
  • Has handles to help your maneuver the bag out of cars or onto benches
  • The wooden insert for your bowling ball


  • Could have more colors
  1. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

With 2,065 ratings and averaging out at 4.6-stars, we definitely had to include this bowling bag onto our list. The Athletico comes in two different colors, which can be a bit of a let down because they might not match your style, but it is either black or pink, so you can definitely make it work. This bag is large enough to carry all of your bowling equipment, so you can have all of your essentials in one place. You can also hold shoe sizes up to US Men’s 15.

Athletico says that you can carry your gear in comfort. With a padded and adjustable shoulder strap, moving your bag around is an easy thing to do. The center of the compartment has a foam ball holder, so your bowling ball has a space that can help prevent it from being damaged. On top of that, Athletico says that its bowling bag is built to last with reinforced stitching and metal hardware, and it ensures that your bag can withstand the weight of carrying bowling gear. 

This company is making a lot of promises, but with such a high-rating, it must be doing something right!


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t like it then you can return it for a full refund
  • Good price ($27.36USD)
  • Lots of room


  • Shoulder strap Velcro might break due to stitching
  • Ball foam cup needs to be deeper
  1. KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

The KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote has 750 ratings and averages out to 4.6-stars, so it is definitely a contender when it comes to this list. It is available in six different colors, which may not seem a lot, but two of those colors are quite funky; one is a leopard print and the other is a camo print, so if you want to spice up your bowling bag then this might be good for you. This bag is supposed to hold one bowling ball and a pair of shoes that go up to size US Men’s 11. For shoes, this bag is lacking, but it makes up in price. 

KR Strikeforce is the perfect bag if you do not want anything too complicated. For beginners, this is a good bag to have because the KR brand has been around for quite some time, so many people know and trust them.


  • Ball compartment is roomy
  • Sturdy material


  • The shoes compartment struggles to fit a size 10
  • Can be a tight squeeze to fit things into this bag
  1. Storm Products Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Storm Products Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

This bag only comes in a pink and black mixed color, so it is perfect for those that want a little bit of pink in their lives. The handle is around 23 inches, so you can comfortably move your bag around. It also comes with two legs on the base, so you can balance your bag easily. However, there is no shoulder strap, so you won’t be putting this on your shoulder anytime soon. 

The base of this bag is wider than the last version, so it cannot flip over when you’re rolling it. This is great because that was an issue with some of the older bags. However, some have said that the handle is not lockable, so you cannot push this bag anywhere, but the handle still allows you to pull the bag nicely. 

Overall, this bag is one that has impressed a lot of people. With an average 4.8-star rating and 444 reviews – this is one bag to take a look at. 


  • Does not tip over
  • Very spacious
  • Price ($49.30 USD)


  • No shoulder strap
  • Handle does not lock in place
  • Does not come in any other colors


We’re positive that one of these six bowling bags can help you with on your bowling travels. They all have a lot in common, but they are also all different. It’s impossible for anyone to tell you which bag is perfect because it is all down to your own personal preference. We hope that this list has helped you on your quest to find the perfect bag, so you can definitely hit that strike.